Best 32 inch Smart TV in India 2021

Best 32 inch LED TV

Considering buying the best 32 inch Smart TV in India can be the best decision to use this TV as your primary device.

Gone are those days where you have to stick to the clock to watch your favorite shows and movies and if you miss out, waiting for the re-run of the show is quite frustrating.

But today, even the Television is getting Smarter and with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can browse through Internet to stream your favourite form of content whenever you want.

This has led to a great convenience for everyone. If you are also looking to buy a Smart TV you can pick among these Top 10 Best 32 inch Smart TV in India. The 32 LED TV are high in demand as they are of ideal size and take appropriate space in your Room.

You can also select any of the Non – Smart TV mentioned below and use Media streaming devices to enable Smart TV-like features.

We have discussed in depth the features and specifications. Also, we would recommend you reading the Buying guide at the bottom to understand every technical aspect before buying a TV.

Which are the best 32 inch Smart TV in India 2021?


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VU was founded in 2006 and has headquarters in Mumbai, India. Ever since their launch, they have introduced great and promising products for customer satisfaction. The price of the product is also quite competitive.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio20 W | Dolby Audio | DTS Studio
PerformanceQuad core processor | 1GB RAM | 8GB storage
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 2 USB
Warranty1 year
best 32 inch smart tv in india 2020

This is one of the best 32 inches LED that is budget-friendly and feature-rich. The display of the TV has an HD ready (1366×768) resolution which has high picture quality with in-depth detailing. With a 60 Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy the smoother flow of pictures.

As this is a Smart LED TV, you get the Android 9 Pie out of the box along with Google play support. You can stream, watch videos, or play games through internet connectivity whenever you want. The User interface of the Television quite smooth and easy to navigate.

With the Inbuilt chrome cast feature, you can also connect your Mobile phone, Laptop, Tablet, etc. to cast on to the screen.

In terms of audio output, the speaker is quite loud and offers decent sound quality. The 20 Watts speaker has Dolby Audio enable to offer surround sound along with DTS Studio technology.

If you require, the connectivity option includes 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports. With Bluetooth 5.0 you can also connect your wireless speakers or Headphones.

The remote of the LED TV also includes hotkeys for Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and Google play to access them spontaneously.

  • A+ grade panel
  • Adaptive contrast
  • Android 9
  • Audio Quality can be improved

Conclusion: VU has an amazing display panel. Many of you might have not heard of this brand but the product is worth your money. This is one of the best 32 inch smart tv in India.

2. Samsung LED TV – UA32TE40AAKXXL

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Samsung has great trust among Indian Customers and they deliver high-quality products. This is another best 32 inches Smart TV in India that offers great value to the customers.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio20 W | Dolby Audio | DTS Studio
PerformanceMali400 GPU | 1GB RAM | 8GB storage
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 1 USB
Warranty1 year
best 32 inch smart tv in india 2020 Samsung

This LED comes with an HD Ready (1366 x 768) display that offers a 60 Hz refresh rate. Samsung LED TV offers Sharp and High definition picture quality on their top-class Panels and offers great viewing experience.

The Smart feature that is enabled on the Tizen OS, includes Voice Assistants, SmartThings App, Music Player, and Home Cloud. With LIVE cast you can also broadcast video from anywhere on your TV.

Voice assistant includes multiple functionalities that allow you to command through Google Assistant, Alexa & Bixby.

With a high-speed internet connection, you can stream your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. The inbuilt browser allows you to browse through the internet.

The Audio Quality is crisp and surround sound experience with Dolby Digital + enabled on the 20 Watts speakers.

In terms of connectivity, you get 1 USB ports that help you access media files and 2 HDMI ports make it easy for you to use your TV as a source for video output.

Remote of the device is sleek and lightweight with limited keys that offer great accessibility and browsing experience.

Samsung is currently offering benefits for up to Rs. 1000 on different apps including Gaana Plus and Microsoft subscription.

  • Display quality
  • Advanced Features
  • Speakers
  • Tizen OS

Conclusion: Samsung offers one of the Best 32 inch Smart TV in India. Being a market leader in India, you can buy this product with your eyes closed!

3. KEVIN K32CV338H

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Another Indian manufacturer has great quality products for their local consumers. This can be your next 32 inches LED TV mounted in your favorite room.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio20 W | Power Audio
PerformanceQuad core processor | 1GB RAM | 8GB Storage
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 2 USB
Warranty1 year
Kevin best 32 inch smart tv in india 2020

This LED TV has an HD Ready panel with great viewing angles and it produces high-resolution pixels per inch. The picture of images on panels appears vividly and has great contrast and brightness levels.

This being a Smart LED TV, comes with an Android 8 Operating system. The LED TV offers  15,00,000+ hours of content across different streaming platforms including Hotstar, Zee5, Sony Liv, Voot, Jio Cinema, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Alt Balaji, Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

For the performance, the quad-core processor with 1 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM does great in handling multiple applications at once.

The powerful Audio setup includes a pair or 20 Watt speakers that are capable to provide loud and high-quality sound. You can also connect your wireless headphones and adjust the Sound setting through Music equalizer.

In terms of connectivity, you get a 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports to connect any external devices.

To control your LED TV seamlessly you need to have proper functionality in your Remote and here you get to Web Touch remote that with multiple Hotkeys to ease the accessibility. Navigation through the User interface is quite pleasing as well.

  • Display
  • Great Value
  • We Touch Remote
  • Audio quality can be improved

Conclusion: KEVIN is emerging as one of the most popular Indian brands for LED TV. Delivery of service is great and value to money is high here!

If looking for more affordable options then check out 24 inch LED TVs.

4. eAirtec 32DJ  (Non-Smart)

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This LED TV from Airtec offers no smart features but external streaming devices can be connected to avail those features.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768), A+ Grade
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio20 W | Virtual Surround Sound
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 2 USB | 1VGA
Warranty1 year
eAirtec best 32 inch smart tv in india 2020

The A+ grade display panels of this 32 inches LED TV offers great value and detailed picture quality with capabilities to deliver a high level of brightness.

If you will watching cable TV or even media through USB, you can enjoy the 60Hz refresh rate screen which appears smoother and responsive.

Buying Media streaming devices like Amazon FireStick is recommended to make the most out of your purchase.

Apart from the display quality, this LED TV has a nice pair of 20 Watt speakers which is capable to produce crisp and clear audio playback. The virtual surround sound feature just improves your overall Television watching experience.

For connectivity, you get 2 HDMI, 2USB, and 1VGA ports. So connecting any external storage which includes Media files won’t be a hassle. With 3.5mm Audio jack you can also enjoy music directly on your earphones or any external speakers.

The design of this LED TV looks sturdy and has premium finish.

You will get a standard Manufacturing warranty of 1 year. Airtec has 550+ active service stations across India.

  • Multi-language
  • Premium design
  • Value to money
  • Customer service

Conclusion: eAirtec has the best selling products on Amazon. You won’t regret buying this budget-friendly LED TV and using a Streaming Media device just improves the experience.

5. Sony Bravia KLV – 32W622G

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Bravia series from Sony offers one of the best 32 inches LED TV in India. They have great quality product line up that impresses most of the Indian customers. They offer power-packed LED TV with exclusive features.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio30 W | ClearAudio+
PerformanceQuad core processor | 1GB RAM | 4GB Storage
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 2 USB
Warranty1 year
best 32 inch smart tv in india 2020

The display of the Television has an HD Ready panel with 720p resolution. It’s a delight watching movies and shows on this LED TV even on cable. With a 50Hz refresh rate, the picture quality appears more vividly offering amazing viewing experience.

Additional features like X-Reality Pro and HDR, which ensures that more and more details are captured to produce a high-quality image on the screen.

This Smart TV works on the Linux operating system with a seamless User Interface and accessibility options. You can access multiple applications on the local app store.

Additional features include Smart Plug and Play which helps you to connect and view photos, videos not only from a USB drive but directly from a Smartphone. Also with USB tethering, you can access the Internet through your mobile data connection.

Audio quality cannot disappoint you as there is a 30 Watt speaker with inbuilt woofer which gets pretty loud and the “Clear Audio +” feature from Sony tunes the sound quality to perfection. The sound experience is immersive with great clarity.

X – protection Pro features saves you from any electrical surges and dust.

In terms of connectivity, you will have 2HDMI and 2USB ports to connect with Blu-ray players, gaming console, etc.

  • Display Quality
  • Sony exclusive Features
  • Audio output
  • Not Full HD

Conclusion: There cannot be any better product than this LED TV. It got all the features that you may need. So don’t think twice.

6. LG 32LK628BPTF

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LG offers great LED panels for TV that enhance the customer viewing experience. This product was launched in 2018 but still cannot be competed with another product. 

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate50Hz
Audio35 W | Builtin Woofer
PerformanceLG Graphic Processor
Connectivity 3 HDMI | 1 USB
Warranty1 year
best 32 inch smart tv in india 2020

With active HDR available on the HD Ready panel (1366 x 768) you get an immersive experience with detailed textures and Image quality. LG TV provides quality detail and lifelike color with a wider range of contrast and brightness. Also, it supports multi HDR formats including HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.

This LED television features an LG WebOS platform with additional features enabled. You can control or command your TV through ThinQ AI.

You can multitask and surf the internet while watching TV through the picture in picture mode. Share and control allow you to connect and control your smartphone through TV.

When it comes to the sound quality, the 35 Watt speaker with inbuilt woofer and Dolby Digital + support does a great job in delivering a high bass level and sound quality. You can also connect your wireless headphones through Bluetooth. 

In terms of connectivity, you get option 3 HDMI and 1 USB ports. Most of the connectivity options can be wirelessly accessed.

This product offers 1 Year LG India Warranty with an additional 1-year warranty applicable on panel/module.

  • Display Quality
  • Audio
  • Android OS

Conclusion: LG LED TV has an amazing feature list. Watching experience during movies and TV shows cannot be any better with High Definition display and loudspeakers.

7. Mi TV 4A Pro

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Mi TV just rules the budget segment in India. This 32 inches LED TV offers great value to money and has accomplished itself as one the bestseller on Amazon.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio20 W | Dolby + DTS – HD
PerformanceA53 Quad Core | 1GB RAM | 8GB storage
Connectivity 3 HDMI | 2 USB
Warranty1 year

The display of the LED TV has HD ready resolution (1366 x 768) with a refresh rate of 60Hz. With the perfect balance between contrast and brightness, this display offers high-quality images with great clarity.

As a Smart TV, this MI LED TV runs on the Android 9 (Pie) operating system. This allows you to access not only application from Google play store but also the Google Assistant for voice commands.

Additionally, MI has integrated a Home screen “Patch Wall 3.0” which recommends your content from their 20+ Streaming services partners including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, Zee5, and many more.

Streaming movies on these platforms can consume a lot of data and to save some from your monthly plan you can enable the Google data saver.  

To power up all these features, MI LED TV comes equipped with a 64-bit A53 Quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage to store your application and files.

So truth be told! Unlike their smartphones, MI has done a great job with the quality of 20 Watt stereo speakers with Dolby + DTS – H feature which ensures smooth and crystal clear sound from the TV.

With the Inbuilt chrome cast feature, you can share your Mobile screen with the LED TV to access the content on High quality and a larger screen.

The smart remote is very handy to use, navigate, and access media or applications. In terms of connectivity, you have a total of 5 ports available on the TV including 3 HDMI and 2 USB.

  • Display
  • Great Viewing angles
  • Audio System
  • Not much to complain!

Conclusion: This 32 inch LED TV from MI is one of the best sellers in India. With the premium build and sharp image quality, you will enjoy watching videos.

8. Onida LED TV – FireTV Edition

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Onida TVs already have a reputation in India. Their products are quite durable and stand out among the competitors, they have one of the Best 32 inch LED TV in the market.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio16 W | Dolby + DTS TruSurround
PerformanceFire OS | 1GB RAM | 8GB storage
Connectivity 3 HDMI | 1 USB
Warranty1 year

This LED TV has a great quality display with HD Ready (1366 x 768) resolution that generates vivid image quality and brilliant colors through the Lucent Picture Engine.

You may not notice much the rate at which the pictures refresh on your screen but it makes a huge impact on your viewing experience. Here you get a panel with a 60Hz refresh rate which is quite smooth.

As the name suggest this FireTV edition is based on the FireOS developed by amazon. Integrated Alexa feature enables you do perform voice searches, control other smart devices, launch applications and etc.

The LED TV is equipped with a multi-core processor along with 8GB storage size and 1GB RAM memory.

The Audio output offers premium sound quality from the 16 Watt speakers with Dolby and DTS TruSurround feature enabled. You won’t miss out on any of your favourite dialogues!

Smart Remote included with the TV has is minimalistic in design and has nice functionality to slide through the content to navigate.

If you are connecting any external device you would require these Ports, and in this LED TV you get 3 HDMI and 1 USB ports.

  • Display and Design
  • Thin Bezels
  • FireOS
  • Sound volume can be improved.

Conclusion: Onida LED TV offers a complete theater-like experience. Don’t stop yourself from buying this TV.

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9. Sony Bravia KLV – 32R202G

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Sony Bravia LED TV never disappoints. With great quality products, Sony has claimed No. 1 spot in India whether it’s Online or Offline market. Sony has crushed its competitors and proved that customer satisfaction is king.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate50Hz
Audio20 W speaker with Clear Phase
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 1 USB
Warranty1 year

Coming to the display of this LED TV, this one has a great panel with HD Ready resolution and 50Hz refresh rate which ensures that the pictures produced on the panel are consistent and vivid.

However, this LED TV lacks Smart TV features but it can be accessed through the HDMI port if you are willing to spend some money on a media streaming device like Amazon FireStick.

With FireStick you can enable multiple features and your Television watching experience can take a turn. Through a stable internet connection, you can access any streaming platform or browse the Internet.

The Audio output expected from the 20 Watt speaker is quite clear and loud with ClearPhase Technology which makes the Audio more natural. You can also tune into your favorite FM channels.

X – Protection Pro features save the Device from Electric fluctuations, Dust, and Humidity.

However, in terms of connectivity, you can have a great option to connect your HMDI cables as 2 HDMI ports are available and 1 USB port for media playback.

  • Display
  • Audio
  • X – Protection Pro
  • No Android OS

Conclusion: This Non – Smart TV is one of the best-LED TV if you will be using a media streaming device for additional features.

10. Kodak 32HDXSMART PRO

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The American company has been a market leader in Camera related products. Every one of us is already familiar with the brand name and it continues to deliver quality LED TV products.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate50Hz
Audio20 W speaker with Clear Phase
Performance1GB RAM | 8GB storage
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 1 USB
Warranty1 year

This TV comes with an HD Ready A+ grade IPS panel that has vivid and sharp image quality which gets brighter up to 400 Nits.

Television watching experience on the elegant premium finish design is quite attractive. With 60Hz refresh rate you would not notice any lags or stutter in image production.

Kodak 32 inches LED TV offers best in class features with an Android operating system which is powered by the ARM Cortex A7 processor with 2GB RAM and 1GB ROM. The User Interface is quite simple, minimalistic, and easy to navigate.

You can download many applications from the store like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, etc. for entertainment purposes. The Mira cast feature also allows you to cast your smartphone to the TV.

The Sound quality of LED TV is loud and clear to the most extent. These 20 Watt speakers are quite appropriate in this price range.

For additional connectivity options, you get 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports available but sadly inbuilt Bluetooth feature is unavailable.

  • Display
  • Premium Design
  • No Bluetooth

Conclusion: Kodak LED TV has nice features with a great pair of Display and Speakers.

11. Sanyo Kaizen XT – 32A170H

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Sanyo offers a high quality display in their LED TVs. This 32-inch panel has an HD Ready resolution that offers high contrast and brightness level. The IPS panel has better color reproduction, color accuracy, viewing angles, and lifespan.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate50Hz
Audio20 Watt Dolby Digital
PerformanceQuad Core processor | 1GB RAM | 8GB storage
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 2 USB | Bluetooth 5.0
Warranty1 year

The display is one of the best in 32 inches LED TVs and with 60 Hz refresh rate flow of the pixels just smoothens making it an adequate display to enjoy High Definition videos or play games.

Sanyo LED TV is google certified and offers Android 9 (pie) out of the box that adds more functionality into the feature list. You can download applications to stream movies, shows, or play games.

The Audio Quality of the speakers has to do a lot with your overall TV watching experience. With the pair of 20 Watt speakers enabled with Dolby Digital, you will get yourself an immersive experience with perfectly tuned audio that suits the environment.

To power up the performance, you have a quad-core processor with 8GB storage size and 1GB RAM memory that ensure all the application runs smoothly even while multitasking.

Now coming to the availability of the port in this LED TV, there are 2 HDMI, 2 USB, and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity.

  • Premium look and design
  • Sleek side bezels
  • Android OS
  • Nothing as such!

Conclusion: This LED TV has a stunning quality display with very thin bezels. Having this TV in your room will look quite elegant.

12. Samsung UA32T4010ARXXL

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This is another great offering from Samsung in a 32 inches LED TV segment. But you will need a media streaming device to enable smart features and stream online content.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Audio20 Watt Speakers
Connectivity 2 HDMI | 1 USB
Warranty1 year

Watching movies and TV shows can be a pleasant experience with the HD Ready resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. Colour enhancer improves image quality and ensures that the color appearing on the display are more natural and appealing to view.

The Samsung LED TV is quite slim with premium build quality & design.

For completed theatre-like experience apart from the stunning display, you would require a powerful set of speakers. Here, you get a 20 Watt output which is great for immersive audio.

You can connect external devices through multiple ports available on the TV. With 2 HDMI and 1 USB, you can access media through your personal USB drives or Media streaming device like Amazon FireStick.  

Samsung offers great customer service and free installation. You can avail 1 year of standard manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Display and Design
  • Great Customer service
  • No Bluetooth

Conclusion: This Non – Smart LED TV has great inbuilt features and a high-quality panel with an immersive sound experience.

Hope this Helps you to make a better decision with your purchase. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Buying Guide for 32 inch LED TV

After reading this buying guide you will be able to understand multiple terminologies and factors that need to consider before making any purchase.

Display Panel

When buying a LED TV you should not only count on the Resolution of the display to understand its quality. The quality of the display also depends upon the type of panel and the manufacturer’s reputation.

Many of us confuse LED and LCD panels as separate entities. So what’s the difference between LCD and LED?

In short, LED and LCD panel are quite similar.

LCD uses Cold cathode fluorescent lamps knows as (CCFLs) that emits lights on the panel while on the other hand, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are based on the same LCD technology but uses these diodes to provide more efficient backlighting than CCFLs.

Hence, both are the same but with different backlighting arrangements that affect the quality of the image reproduced on your screen.

What is HD Ready?

HD Ready is a standard resolution that you can expect in any form of the display nowadays. It translates to 720p resolution, which is High Definition but lacks clarity and detailing that a 1080i resolution display provides.

However, with inbuilt and exclusive features from different manufacturer you can enhance the quality of the panel to offer more vivid and sharp image quality.

Difference between HD Ready and Full HD TV?

The basic difference that a HD Ready and Full HD TV is the number of pixel per inch (PPI) that can be accommodated on the screen.

On a HD Ready panel (1366 x 768p) you get less number of pixels per inch than compared to a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution on same display size. More Pixels per Inch (PPI) ensures much better quality.

To help you understand. Let’s consider an example to calculate PPI on a 32 inch display with HD ready and Full HD Resolution.

HD Ready Display = √((1366^2) + (768^2))/32 = 48.97 PPI
Full HD Display = √((1920^2) + (1080^2))/32 = 68.84 PPI

In simple words, Full HD display tends to have better pixels present making it almost 1.5 times better than an HD ready panel. They offer high quality and sharp image quality.

Does Refresh Rate matter?

While buying a LED TV, you need to make sure that the panels have at least a 60Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate means the reproduction of frames per second at a higher pace, so a more refresh rate means better image processing.

Besides, noticing the Refresh rate can be difficult through the naked eye especially when two panels are not drastically different. Like switching from a 50Hz to 60Hz won’t help you understand anything but a panel with a 90Hz Refresh rate can make a difference.

Do you need a Smart LED TV?

Another thing you need to decide before you choose to buy a LED TV is to choose between smart or non – smart TVs. Even on a traditional TV, you have the option to connect media streaming devices through HDMI ports.

So you need to understand the extra money that you are spending on Smart TV is actually worth it or not?

Many LED TV manufacturer offers a smart TV and non-smart TV variant in every segment to target both kinds of customers.

Everything boils down to the one single thing, “PREFERENCE”

If you a gadget-friendly person and need inbuilt features and OS on your without having the hassle to connect a media streaming device you can go ahead with the Smart TV.

Mainly these are the popular Operating System adopted by different companies:

  • Android Based OS
  • Fire OS
  • WebOS
  • Linux Based OS

But by investing in a media streaming device you can add much more accessibility in your Non-Smart TV that your Smart – TV operating system may restrict.

Processing Power

As the ‘Idiot Box’ is not getting smarter but powerful as well. If you need your Television to handle multiple applications and functionality you will require Hardware to ensure that can happen.

Most of the Best 32 inch Smart TV nowadays have a Dual or quad-core processor along with 4 GB / 8 GB of storage option and at least 1GB RAM.

The more powerful these specifications are the better results you will get while switching between applications, opening an application, browsing through the User Interface. This will lead to a smoother experience while using the TV on a daily basis.

Make sure to not clutter the storage space with unwanted applications because this may affect the performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand is the most promising?

All the 32 inches LED TVs mentioned on the list are from the reputed brands. You can rely on their performance and customer service. However, Best brands are:

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • LG and KEVIN

What is the appropriate size of TV?

The 32 inch is the most ideal and commonly used LED TV. Based upon your personal preference, size of the room and budget you can select the perfect size that offers an immersive experience.

What features to expect on smart TV?

Apart from the features, your Operating System provides. The different brands have collaboration with different streaming services and application developers to offer their customer a unique experience. You can only access the Android Playstore if the product is licensed by Google otherwise you will find local stores to download applications.

However, apps like Netflix, PrimeVideo,  Hotstar, YouTube are quite common and found in every app store.

Can I stream Full HD video on HD Ready Panel?

Yes you can but the quality won’t be same as the Full HD panel.

Is it safe to buy 32 inch LED TV online?

Yes, online purchase has never been safer than now. You can trust customer service from Amazon. In case, there is any accidental issues Amazon will bear the liability and replace the product.

How good these 32 inch TV are?

Based upon our research, the LED Television mentioned here are best in class and durable.

What is HDR?

HDR (high dynamic range imaging) is a technology that helps to reproduce better quality images with much wider contrast and color accuracy. If your TV support HDR, you can enable or disable this feature at your convenience.

What is Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus?

Dolby Digital is a commonly used technology that compresses the Audio size without compromising the Audio quality. It supports up to 6 sound channels.

Dolby Digital + is an enhanced form of Dolby Digital technology that offers improved high definition quality and supports 8 sound channels.

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