Best 24 inch LED TV in India 2021

best 24 inch LED TV

LED Television has become a basic necessity as it offers good quality images and pictures. It gets difficult sometime to find the Best 24 inch LED TV in India as there are multiple TV sizes available and 24 inch is a basic size the can be perfect for your kid’s rooms or small-sized rooms.

These Televisions are not only compact in size but are also budget-friendly. Nowadays, you have multiple options to buy from different manufacturers in a 24 inches LED TV category that will give good value for money.

Even though these LED TVs are not equipped with smart features like Internet browsing, streaming, etc. But if you have the required ports you can use Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chrome Cast to avail all those features that are missing.

We have listed out the Top 10 best 24 inch LED TV in India and discussed all features and specifications in detail. Along with that, keep reading to find a TV Buying Guide at the bottom that will help you understand all technical terminologies to make a better buying decision.

Which are the Top 10 Best 24 inch LED TV in India 2021?

1. Kodak 24HDX100S

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Kodak has improved and developed better picture quality compared to the past so that they can serve budget Indian customers who are looking for Television in a tight budget.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768), A+ Panel
Connectivity1 HDMI | 2 USB ports
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts Speakers
Warranty1 year
Kodak LED TV

This Television offer has narrow side bezels that improve your experience when you watching your Favorited movies or TV shows.

The display has an HD Ready resolution of (1366 x 768) on the A+ Grade IPS panel with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This panel is capable to offer high-quality images and the screen can get brighter up to 250 nits.

Another factor to consider about the display is the refresh rate, here you get a 60Hz per second rate at which images are refreshed. A higher refresh rate means a smoother display of pictures. Most of the television offers a 60 Hz refresh rate as standard.

In terms of audio output, this TV does a decent job. It sports a 20 Watts audio setup that has an Automatic volume level feature that helps to calibrate multiple volume levels.

While watching movies or TV shows you may not feel any issues but listening to music at higher volume can cause distortion and lack of bass.

However, for connectivity, you have multiple ports available including 1 HDMI ports for Audio/Video output and 2 USB port through which you can connect external storage for playback or any streaming devices.

From the date of purchase, Kodak will offer you 1 year of warranty that will cover all manufacturing defects.

  • Less side Bezels
  • Premium Finish
  • 178 degree viewing angles
  • Free Installation not available

Conclusion: Kodak has been renowned in India for its camera-related products and the American company has made a good impact in the TV industry as well. You can rely on this product for the long term!

2. Sony Bravia KCV – 24P413D

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Sony’s Bravia series is well renowned for its colour accurate display and amazing sound quality along with Sony’s exclusive features. If you are choosing Sony’s products you won’t be disappointed with their Installation and customer service.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768), A+ panel
Connectivity2 HDMI | 1 USB ports
Refresh Rate50 Hz
Audio20 Watts Speaker with Powerful sound mode
Warranty1 year
Sony Best 24 inch LED TV

This Television also offers HD Ready (720p) resolution on the LED IPS panel. Even though the resolution is the same as many other 24 inches LED TV still much depends upon the panel manufacturer and that is something you can count on Sony’s LED.

The display offers a 50 Hz refresh which is close to a 60Hz display and you won’t notice a distinguishable difference here.

You can expect high-end sound quality from the 20 Watt Audio setup that can get loud enough with Powerful sound mode.

Additional features include X – Protection Pro that shields your Television from any electrical surges and unstable voltages that leads to short circuit.

Moreover, it also includes Anti – Humidity coating that can protect the circuit from any unwanted moisture to keep your TV safe from any mishappening.

When it comes to connectivity, this LED TV has 2 HDMI cable to connect your Laptop, Set-top box, blue-ray players, gaming consoles, etc. but it only has 1 USB port available to view your multimedia files.

Also, you get an FM/Radio option that can enable you to tune into your favorite FM stations through Bravia’s powerful speakers.

You can also select your regional or local Indian language to communicate through the new Sony interface.

Sony will be offering you a 1 year warranty on this product.

  • Panel Quality
  • 20W Speakers
  • X – protection pro
  • 1 USB

Conclusion: There can be no doubts while buying a Sony Bravia LED TV. This 24-inch model has the best in class feature available. Just go for it for the Best 24 inch LED TV in India.

3. Sanyo 2457000F

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The Japanese brand, Sanyo has launched multiple LED TVs in the last couple of years that are capable enough to compete with Budget Television manufacturers like VU, MI, etc.

ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080)
Connectivity1 HDMI | 1 USB ports | 1VGA
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts Speakers
Warranty1 year

This television sports a high-resolution Full HD (1080i) panel with an aspect ratio of 16:9, which can produce blur-free image clarity and offer nice and vivid pictures. The overall build quality of the TV feels premium.

The panel is capable to offer a 60 Hz refresh rate that can ensure you enjoy the smoother flow of pictures per second when you are watching movies or cable.

However, the Audio quality is not the best here, as you will get a 10 Watts Audio output but it is capable enough to offer high volume levels while managing decent sound quality for normal use.

Talking about the connectivity options on this Television, you will get single ports for HDMI, USB & VGA. There could have been one more USB port but instead, you get a VGA that allows you to connect three-row pin connector for Video output on any different monitor.

Sanyo has a wide range of expert service center across the country which helps you resolves any issue you may face after buying the laptop. The warranty of the product covers 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Sleek and premium design
  • Full HD A+ panel
  • Volumes Levels
  • One USB ports only

Conclusion: Sanyo products are up to the industry standard. Don’t think twice nothing can go wrong with this Best 24 inch LED TV in India.

4. eAirtec 24DJ

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Airtec Electrovision is one of the local manufacture based out in New Delhi. Their 24 inches LED TV has been one of the best sellers on Amazon with good customer reviews.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Connectivity2 HDMI | 2 USB ports | 1VGA
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts Speakers
Warranty1 year
eAirtec Best 24 inch LED TV

The local brand has yet to make his name in the market but the products look promising. Here you get an HD ready (720p) A+ grade display that offers high sharp images on the premium finish body design.

Also, the refresh rate is at 60 Hz which ensures a smoother flow of pictures per second. This LED TV stuns the competitor with its competitive price.

In terms of audio output, the 20 (10×2) watt speakers are a bit disappointing. Even though the company claims surround sound quality it fails to deliver up to the promises.

While watching your favorite TV shows and movies you may not feel that much of distortion compared to listening to music with bass.

Now coming to the connectivity options, you will have multiple ports available here which includes 2 x USB, 2 x HDMI, 1 VGA, even a 3.5mm Jack for audio output. These ports are enough for you to have connected multiple devices at once.

Even the Indian brand is not offering more than 1 year of warranty for their local customers from the date of purchase.

  • Narrow Bezels
  • Elegant design language
  • Value to money
  • No additional features.

Conclusion: eAirtec product has been one of the best sellers on Amazon and has received great feedback from the customers. You can count on the performance.

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5. Kevin K24STG

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Kevin is another brand competing against Chinese manufacturers in India. They are emerging as one of the best brands in Low – end to mid-end LED televisions.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Connectivity2 HDMI | 2 USB ports | 1VGA
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts Inbuilt Sound Bar
Warranty1 year
24 inch LED TV

This Best 24 inch LED TV has received good customer feedback in the past which continues to grow. You will get an HD – Ready (1366 x 768) resolution that offers a crisp and vivid picture on the panel. The TV comes with an HRDD that promises a remarkable viewing experience.

The screen offers a 60 Hz refresh rate which accounts for the smoother and fluid display of images.

Color on the display appear accurately, white appears brightly white and blacks are also deep in color. You can enjoy watching Sports, News, other shows on this LED TV.

For Audio you will have a 20 Watts Inbuilt Soundbar that can offer immersive sound experience but in terms of quality, not much can be expected at this price. Also, you can connect your wireless headphones if you don’t want to disturb others in the room.

In terms of connectivity, you will get 2 HDMI, 2 USB ports along with a 1 VGA port available. Having multiple ports for connectivity is always a plus especially if you are using a media streaming device like Amazon Firestick which can occupy one HDMI slot forever.

This 24 inch LED Television also offers 1 year’s manufacturer warranty which comes handy if there is an issue after delivery.

  • HRDD Technology
  • In built sound bar
  • Multiple ports
  • No additional features

Conclusion: Kevin has a great promising product line up in India. This Indian brand has a long way to go. Buy this product and promote make in India products. You will have the Best 24 inch LED TV in India.

6. Shinco S02A

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Shinco is yet another Indian brand launched under its parent company Ideotex International Pvt Ltd. and its headquarters is located in Noida.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Connectivity2 HDMI | 2 USB ports | 1VGA
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts Surround Sound
Warranty1 year

They have launched this 24 inches LED product in 2018 and have received a good response from the Indian customers. If you are also on a tight budget or need a TV for secondary purposes you can rely on this product.

The display offered in this LED TV has HD Ready Resolution (1366×768) which offers a high-quality image on which you can see clear details and textures. The panel has to offer a 60 Hz refresh rate which is now a standard among most of the Best 24 inch LED TV in India.  Also, you have a 178-degree viewing angle and digital noise reduction.

Apart from the display, the audio setup is also appealing for the customers as the television sports a 20 Watts speakers that offer surround sound. The quality of the sound is promising and it delivers high pitched sound levels with no distorted and flickering noise.

Now coming to the connectivity ports, you will get 2 HDMI, 2 USB, and 1 VGA port available which is more than what you will require to connect any external devices. The additional USB to USB copy feature allows you to transfer media with just one simple click on your remote.

You can download the Shinco Apps from Google play store for free installation and service-related queries in case you are facing any issue after the purchase.

You will get a Manufacturing Warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Surround Sound
  • Built in Sound bar
  • Dust protection
  • USB to USB transfer
  • Delayed Customer Service
  • Picture quality can be improved

Conclusion: This is a great quality product and has various features available. You can buy this budget LED TV as the best 24 inch LED TV in India.

7. ADSUN A – 2400N (2019)

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Adsun Electronics has launched its product online in 2018. They are also based out in India and offer LED TVs ranging from 24 inches to 55 inches including regular and smart TVs.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Connectivity1 HDMI | 1 USB ports | 1VGA
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts Speaker
Warranty1 year

This 24 inches LED TV (2019) has HD ready resolution (720p) which offers high contrast and brightness on the screen with 178-degree viewing angles. The LED TV quite attractive with its narrow and slim bezels.

You can also enjoy gaming on this panel through your console as the panel offers a 60 Hz display which can be decent enough as your secondary gaming monitor.

The audio system has 20 watts speakers equipped which can help you get high and crisp Audio clarity. While watching movies and listening to music you won’t face any issue regarding the quality of the product.

In terms of connectivity ports, you will get 1 HDMI, 1 USB, and 1 VGA options available. These ports are enough to fulfill basic requirements but can cause problems if you want to connect with multiple devices at once. At least having 2 USB ports could have done the job but it’s disappointing to have only one here.

Additional charges are applicable for Installation and you get a 1-year manufacturer warranty with this purchase.

  • Display quality
  • Sleek Design
  • Narrow Bezels
  • Customer service
  • Less no. of ports

Conclusion: ADSUN has launched this product last year and this has received good reviews and feedback. You are looking for a budget Best 24 inch LED TV in India you can pick this one.

8. Kevin KN24832

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This is another high rated LED TV available on amazon from Kevin which offers great value to money. This 24-inch model is a bit better than the other one mentioned above. 

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Connectivity2 HDMI | 2 USB ports | 1VGA
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio50 Watts Inbuilt Sound Bar
Warranty1 year
Kevin Best 24 inch LED TV

The display of this television has the same standard HD Ready (1366×768) resolution display which offers 178-degree viewing angles and HRDD technology. HRDD lets you toggle the screen sizes as per the video’s aspect ratio and enhances your viewing experience.

The LED panel of the TV has a 60 Hz refresh rate which does a great job by refreshing the pictures faster per second for smoother display of images.

Apart from the same display, here you have a better 50 Watts of speakers for audio output. For a small-sized room, the inbuilt soundbar is adequate to offer high volume while maintaining good and crisp audio quality.

Now, for the connectivity, you have multiple ports available like 2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 VGA port that can help you transfer media or connect a Media streaming device to enable smart TV like features.

For the TV installation you can reach out to the customer support, No charges will be applicable for the service.

This is one of the Best 24 inch LED TV in India.

It comes with the standard 1 year manufacturer warranty.

  • In-built 50W speakers
  • HRDD Technology
  • Sleek design
  • Nothing as such!

Conclusion: Kevin has promising products and this TV is one of the best-LED TV you can buy in India.

9. Samsung 24H4003

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Samsung has always done a great job in manufacturing LED, 4K, QLED panels not only for its flagship smartphones but also for their amazing line up of Televisions.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Connectivity1 HDMI | 1 USB ports
Refresh Rate100 Hz
Audio6 Watts Dolby digital +
Warranty1 year
Samsung Best 24 inch LED TV

This laptop sports a sharp quality HD Ready (1366×768) panel with color accuracy and produces high-quality pictures than any other LED TV mentioned until now. 

The 100 Hz refresh rate of the display just hits it out of the park! This product basically offers you the best quality display which is worth your money. You can connect your gaming console like PS4 or X-box to enjoy your favorite games at a faster refresh rate.

In terms of the Audio system, there could have been a better pair of speakers at this price but it’s still manageable in a smaller sized room.

The 6 Watts speakers have Dolby Digital + enabled which offers good quality sound but does not make much of a difference in terms of volume. 

If you need to want more functionality from your LED TV than just watching cable then you will require certain ports. Hence, this Samsung LED TV has 1 HDMI and 1 USB which enables you to connect other peripherals.

You will have 1 year of manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. For free installation, you can contact the service center through a customer care free number.

  • Display
  • Solid Build quality
  • Less bezels
  • Audio system

Conclusion: Samsung is already the market leader in the smartphone industry and you cannot doubt its LED TV line up. This being one of the best 24 inch LED TV in India

10. LG 24LJ4470A

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LG is one of the best-LED TV manufacturers in India. It has direct competition from famous brands like Sony and Samsung. They have a wide range of LED TVs up to 84 inches with 8K resolution.

ResolutionHD Ready (1366 x 768)
Connectivity1 HDMI | 1 USB ports
Refresh Rate50 Hz
Audio10 Watts Dolby digital +
Warranty1 year

This is the Best 24 inch LED TV in India that offers high brightness and contrast level on which you can notice in-depth, detailed textures and high-end image quality with a refresh rate of 50 Hz.

LG TV also has a dedicated ‘Cricket Mode’ available which is specially designed for Indian customers to offer them an enhanced picture and sound quality.

Audio of the LG LED TV has a 10 Watts setup which offers a nice and decent pair of speakers. Also, there is an additional ‘Bollywood Mode’ feature which enables appropriate sound mode and Equaliser that can adjust based upon what you are watching.

In terms of connectivity, you will get a 1 HDMI, 1 USB ports available. You can connect your USB drive to access media files through the USB port or if you want to enable more Media-rich features you can buy an Amazon fire stick.

The service centers are present all over the country. So you won’t be facing any issues post-purchase or for installation.

This product also has a standard 1 year of manufacturing warranty available.

  • Display
  • Audio
  • Design
  • Less ports

Conclusion: LG has one of the best display panel manufacturers in the world. Do I need to say any more? This delivers a high-quality picture.

So these are the Best 24 inch LED TV available in India. Based upon research, specification, feature we have listed out these products.

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You can continue reading to check out more details on the Buying process and what factor to consider. These Pro tips will help you save money as well!

Buying Guide for LED TV

When buying a LED TV there is a various factor that you need to understand before you make a purchase.

Here we will discuss some important terminologies and features that are available in the Best 24 inch LED TV in India. This will also help to understand what you will be getting in exchange for your money so that you select the most appropriate LED TV that best suits your requirements.


Most importantly you need to define the usage of the LED TV. A 24 inch LED TV may not be the best option for the primary use but it would be appropriate for your Kids, parents, or grandparents’ rooms, who are not looking for a world-class viewing experience and just want to watch normal cable and movies.

Because of the smaller form size of the TV, it will not strain the eyes of the viewer when installed at a proper distance. Also, you won’t have to worry about the budget as these LED Television are budget-friendly.

If you want this TV for regular use as your primary TV, the 24 inches LED TV will do the job but consider buying a 32 inch LED TV which is now becoming a standard for primary use and it won’t even cost you much.


Now the second important thing to consider and analyze is the Display quality of the Best 24 inch LED TV says a lot about the value you will be getting from the TV. What good is a LED Television if it can’t even display high quality, sharp images, and pictures?

The certain things you need to understand to identify the quality of the display are explained below.

Refresh Rate

Most of the TV nowadays, have a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz. Hertz (Hz) is the metric that is used to calculate the rate at which display refresh or replaces the pictures per second on the screen. A higher refresh rate means a better and smoother flow of pictures providing you the best viewing experience.


There is a various resolution that your LED TV may have. Most of the 24-inch models mentioned here have HD Ready (1366 x 768) i.e. an HD resolution with 720p capabilities. The more you money you spend on the Television the better resolution you can get. Some of the other common resolutions are Full HD, QHD, and 4K. Higher resolution can produce more Pixel per inch (PPI) on the screen which results in high quality and crisp images and videos.


To ensure you have a better quality set of speakers you need to understand the capabilities of your sound system. Most of the LED TVs have a dual set of 10 Watt (2 X 10W) speakers which get distorted on high volume levels. As the TV is getting slimmer the Audio output is also getting degraded but having an external speaker can solve that problem.

However, a lot depends upon the LED TV manufacturer and what additional feature they provide that makes sure you get appropriate sound quality and volume.


As these Budget-friendly Television does not have Wi-Fi or smart features inbuilt, you will be dependent upon the pre-installed ports.

You need to make sure that the Television that you are buying has the required sets of ports like at least 2 USB, 1 HDMI, VGA (not mandatory) and 3.5 mm Jacks are available so that you can connect your USB storage device to playback media content or connect a video input device like Amazon Firestick through HDMI ports.

If you will be using your LED TV as a monitor for PC or Laptop then you will require an HDMI cable. We would personally recommend this BlueRigger high-speed HDMI cable which promises great quality and durability, you can select from various sizes that suit your need. This product has received great feedback from the customers.  


While buying a budget LED TV, you need to ensure that the brand you are investing in has a nice track record in terms of customer service and satisfaction. As many of the brands mentioned here are not such big names like LG, Sony, or Samsung but still they have promising products to fulfill their customer requirement.

Brand value also affects the cost of the product (which is quite evident in this list), when it comes to big brands they often charge just for their Branding while offering somewhat the same quality TV as some of some “Not So Famous” brands.

Various Indian manufacturers like Kevin, ADSUN, and Airtec are also offering high quality 24 inches LED TVs at a lesser price.

You need to choose your TV brand very wisely as some of them may not have branches PAN India which may affect customer service. However, these Top 10 24 inches LED TV are durable and you may not have any complaints if you know what to expect.


Setting up a budget helps you understand what will be the most suitable LED TV for you. This is will determine which feature is a must for you and which you can compromise on. You can select the appropriate brand that has good reviews and suits your budget.


Last but not the least, the ‘Warranty’ is another important aspect you need to check on. Most of these Best 24 inch LED TV in India, offers standard 1-year manufacturer warrant that covers any physical damage or manufacturing defect and can be replaced or repaired if required. Hence, again the Brand value plays an important factor here the brand has better policies to cover any defects.

What is Dolby Digital and DTS:X? Check it out here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are best-LED TV brands?

In India, we so many TV manufacturers that it gets difficult sometimes to pick the right brand.

A brand like Sony, Samsung, LG, MI, and Oneplus is currently the best foreign brands to go with while for Indian products Brands like Onida, Videocon, Kevin, and Intex stand tall.  

2. How to figure out the right TV size for your room?

To find out the ideal size and viewing experience there are various methods to calculate the right size. Like for example, if you are sitting at a distance of 5 feet (60 inches) from your television you can calculate the screen size by multiplying Distance (in inches) by 0.84. But none of these calculations are perfect and it all boils down to your personal preference and comfort.

3. What is the difference between OLED and LED TVs?

LED TVs are LCD panels with separate backlighting to support the pixels that generate the image on the screen. While the OLED, Organic light-emitting rods are capable to produce both backlights and color on the screens. OLED panels are much costlier to manufacture than LEDs.

4. What is HRDD technology?

HRDD technology focuses to enhance your experience while watching TV. This technology is present mostly in all of the LED TVs nowadays which enable cinema zoom feature to automatically switch between different aspect ratios on the screen based upon the video you are watching or streaming.

5. What is X – protection pro feature from Sony?

This feature provides a safeguard for the LED TV against any Electrical fluctuations, lighting, humidity, and dust. This feature comes in very handy, especially from the Indian Market and consumers.

6. How many ports you need for connectivity?

Ideally, at least 2 USB, 1 HDMI ports, or more should be available. VGA ports are not mandatory to have and it depends upon your usage and requirement.  

Let us know in the comment section if you still have any doubts!

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