Best laptops under 25000 in India 2021

Check out these best laptops under Rs.25000, if you just need a laptop that does the basic tasks with ease without you spending much on it?

Well, if you’ll be cutting down on the cost, you’ll have to narrow down your basic requirements & expectations from a Laptop at this price.

The laptop mentioned here may not shine in all departments but it does get the job done.

Software or applications that require heavy processing from CPU / GPU or high consumption of RAM memory, may not be able to work smoothly.

However, buying a laptop in this price that has slots available for you to upgrade RAM or Storage size, can be a game-changer and you can later install these to improve the overall performance.

But before you do so, do not forget that the laptop you are buying has a good quality display, keyboard, processor & GPU because you cannot upgrade those later!

Do me a favor, and define your purpose and usability before you buy a Laptop under RS. 25000

So, let’s get this started with the best laptops.

Which are the top 7 Best laptops under Rs.25000

1. Lenovo Ideapad S145 – 81N300KTIN (Rating: 3.5/5)

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Ideapad has a wide range of variants available in every price range and in this laptop you will have an AMD A9 – 9425 7th Gen processor that clocks at 3.1 GHz up to 3.7 GHz with 1 MB Cache memory.

ProcessorAMD A9 – 9425 7th Gen, 3.1 – 3.7 GHz, 1MB cache
RAM & Storage4GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD
GraphicsIntegrated Graphics
Display 15.6 inches HD (1366×768)
OSWindows 10 Home

When it comes to the display, it has a 15.6 inches HD ready panel which is not that great, but it is pretty much a standard display that expects from an entry-level laptop.

Taking about the main hardware’s, you get a 4GB DDR4 RAM, 1Terabytes of storage along with an integrated GPU.

Keyboard and Trackpad of the laptop are responsive and tactile, you will get used to it once you will spend some time writing or interacting with it.

The overbuild build quality which uses plastic material does not feel cheap and is decent looking. Laptops are 19.9 mm thick which seems sleek, you can easily carry around this laptop as it weighs 1.85 KGs.

If you will be watching videos on this laptop you need to have a good pair of speakers in place and this laptop has 2 downward facing 1.5W system with Dolby audio that is immersive.

With all that, you can expect at least 3.5 hours of backup from a fully charged battery with normal usage. 

  • Windows 10 pre-loaded
  • 180 degree hinge
  • No finger print
  • Battery

Conclusion: Buying this laptop is a good deal, as you can later invest in an upgrade to boost the performance.

2. HP 14 – cm0123au (Rating: 3/5)

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If you are buying a laptop for that first time then you can trust HP for their Quality product & customer support. This Laptop has an AMD A4 – 9125 9th Gen processor that clock at 2.3 GHz.

ProcessorAMD A4 – 9125 9th Gen, 2.3 GHz, 1MB cache
RAM & Storage4GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD
GraphicsAMD Radeon R3 Graphics
Display 14 inches HD (1366×768)
OSWindows 10 Home

Laptops have a compact design and small form factor making it suitable for students or individuals who will be carrying it outdoors. The display has a 14 inch LED HD panel that offers decent picture quality.

If you are expecting GPU performance, you can rely on AMD Radeon R3 integrated graphics that can handle some low-end gaming and applications.

For storage, you have 1 TB HDD available that can hold most of your files if you don’t have any external hard disk while the RAM memory of 4GB can be upgraded to up to 16GB.

If you are a student, you need to have a battery backup and HP laptops do a good job in this area. From this laptop, you can expect around 5 hours of supply.

This laptop is ultra-thin and weighs 1.47 KGs. The sound system of this laptop could have been better with a higher volume setting.

  • Sleek design
  • Battery
  • Build quality
  • Fingerprint
  • Webcam
  • No Dolby Audio

Conclusion: Overall performance may get affected by the low-end processor and GPU. But not much can be expected at this price.

3. HP Chromebook 14 ca003tu (Rating: 4/5)

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This is one of the most valuable laptops you can buy under RS. 25000 in India. Laptop sports an Intel Celeron N3350 processor which clocks at 2.4 GHz, with 2 MB Cache storage.

ProcessorIntel Celeron N3350, 1.1 – 2.4 GHz, 2MB Cache
RAM & Storage4GB DDR4 | 256GB SSD + Cloud Storage
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 500
Display 14 inches HD WLED (1366×768)
OSChrome OS

With a 14 inch HD touch screen display, your productivity increases. If you are a creative person buying a laptop to get started with blogging, content creating, editing, etc. Then you can opt for this laptop at an affordable price.

The laptop operates on Chrome OS that is lightweight and consumes less power, to boost your performance we have a 4GB DDR 4 RAM. You can save your files on the 256GB expandable solid-state drive or on the cloud storage provided from Google.

Using this laptop for gaming would not be recommended but for GPU related tasks you have Intel HD graphics 500.

As the operating system has less demand, the battery backup of this device increases exponentially and you can expect the claimed 10 – 12-hour mark with a single charge.

The laptop weighs around 1.5 KGs which is appropriate considering it can rotate up to 180 degrees.
The included stereo speaker is good enough, but the external speaker would be recommended if you will binge-watching on this laptop.

  • Touch screen
  • Battery life
  • Chrome OS
  • No windows
  • Fixed RAM

Conclusion: This is the best touchscreen laptop you can buy in India under Rs. 25000. If you are not into a touch screen laptop you can give it a try without spending much.

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4. Lenovo Ideapad S145 – 81N3004DIN (Rating: 3/5)

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Lenovo has been competing with HP in this category for a while now.
Both of them have amazing product line up, this laptop holds AMD A6 – 3225 7th Gen processor that clocks at 2.6GHz up to 3GHz with 1 MB cache memory.

ProcessorAMD A6 – 9225 7th Gen, 2.6 – 3 GHz, 1MB Cache
RAM & Storage4GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD
GraphicsIntegrated Graphics
Display 15.6 inches HD (1366×768)

Ideapad S145 has a common design language, they are sleek and lightweight with lesser bezels that make the 15.6 inches High-Definition (1366×768) display more attractive.

For storage you have a 1TB Hard disk available is which sufficient to store large size files and data. While for memory you get a 4GB DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded.

You can use it to play some old games on this laptop that are less demanding, with the help of integrated graphics.

Keyboard has adequate spacing while the trackpad is accurate most of the time.

Lenovo claims a battery life of up to 6 hours but you can expect 4 hours with regular use. A laptop weighs somewhere around 1.85KGs which is easy to carry around.

  • Performance
  • Keyboard & Trackpad
  • DOS
  • Battery

Conclusion: The Ideapad series does a good job in most of the departments. However, shortcomings can be bridged with an upgrade.

5. ASUS Vivobook X441UA – GA508 (Rating: 3/5)

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This is the only laptop from Asus available under RS. 25000. It includes an Intel Core i3 – 7020U processor that performs much better than most of the entry-level processors.

ProcessorIntel Core i3 – 7020U, 2.3GHz, 3MB cache
RAM & Storage4GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620
Display 14 inches HD LED (1366×768)

It clocks at a speed of 2.3 GHz with 2 cores and 3 MB cache memory. If you will be using this laptop to do lightweight activities like Writing, Browsing, Media consumption then you will be pretty much satisfied with it.

For display, you have a 14 inched HD LED panel with a resolution of 1366×768 which performs as expected. Not much to complain in this price!

You will have 4GB HDDR4 RAM and 1 TB Hard disk for storage. When it comes to gaming and using a high-end application that has GPU requirements, you can rely on the Integrated Intel HD 620 which can handle some of those tasks.

You will have an MS-DOS operating system pre-installed which you can replace with any other supported Operating System i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, DOS, Linux.

Sound quality could have been better and louder while the battery can last up to 3 hours with a full charge. Keyboard and Trackpad have a good response and strong build quality, overall laptops weigh around 2Kgs.

  • Lightweight
  • Bezel less Display
  • Battery
  • MS-DOS

Conclusion: You can save some money on a system with DOS OS. But do not forget that you will require to download and install the updated drivers for your hardware to make them work.

6. Lenovo Ideapad 330 (Rating: 3.5/5)

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Lenovo has various budget Laptops available and this one sports an Intel Core i3 – 7020U processor that provides you a speed of 2.3GHz with 3MB cache memory.

ProcessorIntel Core i3 – 7020U, 2.3GHz, 3MB cache
RAM & Storage4GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620
Display 15.6 inches HD LED (1366×768)

If you are buying a laptop for a regular purpose, then this will suit most of your needs. Having a 15.6 inches HD LED display that offers good quality picture and screen and body ratio.

Other specifications include 4GB RAM memory, 1TB HDD storage, and Intel Integrated HD Graphics 620 for GPU. A combination of all this results in an average performing Laptop that can handle most of the day to day tasks.

RAM storage can be extended up to 12 GB.

The sound system has Dolby audio but the volume is quite low, the battery can offer you up to 4 hours of back up with normal use.

Keyboard layout and Key-strokes are comfortable enough while the trackpad’s gestures could have been more responsive.

The overall build quality is decent and sturdy, it weighs around 2.2 KGs which can be a bit bulky to carry around.

This laptop has a DOS OS, which can be upgraded with Windows 10 or any other supported OS.

You will get only 2 USB 3.0 ports in this laptop with one USB type C, HDMI ports, and Ethernet ports available.

Lenovo also offers a complimentary B210 Backpack, which will accommodate your 15.6-inch laptop along with all the other accessories.

  • Design
  • USB ports
  • Complimentary Bag
  • DOS
  • Weight
  • Webcam

Conclusion: This laptop has been one of the best sellers on Amazon. Intel Core i3 7th Gen processor is still worthy of this price and you can expect decent performance.

7. HP 14q – CS0025TU (Rating: 4/5)

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HP offers the most valuable laptop under RS. 25000. This one has an Intel Pentium Gold processor that clocks at a speed of 2.3 GHz with 2 cores and 2MB cache memory.

ProcessorPentium Gold 4417u, 2.3GHz, 2MB cache
RAM & Storage4GB DDR4 | 256M.2 SSD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620
Display 14 inches HD LED (1366×768)
OSWindows 10 Home

It accommodates a 14 inches HD WLED Back-lit display which offers color accurate pictures.

You can expect a good performance from this laptop, as apart from the processor you will also have a 256GB M.2 SSD storage combined with a 4GB DDR4 RAM.

RAM storage can be expanded up to 16GB storage.

If you will be using applications that need GPU processing, then the Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 comes into the picture that has the capability to ensure an average performance.   

In terms of portability, this Laptop is lightweight and you can carry it around without thinking twice. It weighs around 1.47 KGs

One of the factors to consider before buying a laptop is Battery life, and this one offers up to 5 hours with normal usage which will ensure you have a continuous and uninterrupted flow of work.

Interacting with the keyboard and the trackpad feels comfortable, all the keys are well-positioned with right spacing while the trackpad is responsive enough.

  • Licensed MS Office.
  • Boot up
  • Speakers
  • Webcam

Conclusion: This HP laptop offers good processing speed and portability because of it being lightweight.

Hope you will be able to get the laptop that you are looking for.

However, to find out which laptop will be the most suitable for you then read through our Laptop Buying Guide.

Laptop Buying Guide

Display Size and Quality

There are various laptops available under different price range that can offer different screen sizes ranging from 10 to 18 inches in size.

If we will talk about this particular budget category you can expect somewhere around 14 – 16 inches of Display size.

Another factor that you need to understand is the resolution or quality of the display, in most of the laptops, you will find an HD Ready LED panel at this price that has a 1366 x 768 resolution. It not as sharp as an FHD 1920 x 1080 panel but it’s a compromise you’ll have to make.

Refresh rates on these panels are somewhere around 30 – 45 FPS, which does not keep your hopes high for gaming or editing.

Usability and Performance

Most of us are worried about the performance when we are buying a new laptop. But it’s very easy to determine whether if your new laptop will perform well or not! Let me know to explain to you how?

If you are keeping your hopes high, while looking for a budget laptop to perform extraordinary and run games, high-end applications smoothly then you would not be satisfied with your purchase.

So first decide what your expectations really are and for what purpose you will be using your new laptop.

In this budget category, you can expect your laptop to perform up to the mark, if all you have to do is to browse the internet, watch movies, write articles, work on MS office, etc.


Having trouble understanding which laptop has a better and powerful processor?

Don’t worry is not rocket science, all you have to do is to break down all the technical terms and try to understand their significance on the performance.

Let me try to explain some of the common terminologies in the simplest way possible.

GHz: Every processor has a fixed Gigahertz termed as clock speed which indicated the overall speed at which the processor executes the instruction.

So, 1 Gigahertz represents close to a Billion cycles per second, so if your processor clocks at 2GHz that it means it can execute 2 Billion instructions at once.

However, two CPUs having the same clock speed may perform differently based upon their internal architecture.

When it comes to selecting the between CPUs with same clock speed, then you should always go with the latest generation or recently launched processors.

Cores and Threads:  Most of the laptops have one Central Processing Unit with single or multiple cores available. A number of cores decide how many processes your CPU can handle at once. For example, If your laptop has a Dual-Core processor then it can handle 2x the processes.

While threads counts are the virtual version of CPU cores that can be executed by the processor.

Both Intel and AMD have their specific terminology for this i.e. Hyper-Threading & Simultaneous Multithreading which is basically the same process in which physical cores are broken down into virtual cores (threads).

So a processor with 2 Cores uses this process to provide 4 threads that increase the performance.

Cache Memory: Cache is a hardware component present on the CPU that stores a copy on data on its memory so that it can retrieve the desired data faster than it could have done from a typical DDR4 RAM.

The cache is used to keep up with the CPU performance, powerful CPUs need more cache to work at their full potential.

Ports and Connectivity: This is something that most people miss out on before they buy a laptop. But we won’t let you do that same mistake!

No matter how much you pay for your laptop if you don’t have the required ports and connectivity options then you won’t be better off.

Check out our List of Ports and connectivity options that you need to make sure to have in a Laptop under Rs. 25000

Connectivity Ports
Wi-Fi 5 or above
Bluetooth 4 or above
USB Type – C or Thunderbolt 3
3x USB 2.0 or above ports 
SD Card reader


No one wants their work to be interrupted because of a low battery level. Having a longer-lasting battery can be a great advantage especially if you will be working on the go. It not impossible but difficult to carry your bulky charger everywhere you go. 

So having 3 or more cells in your battery can help you get an average of around 4 hours of backup, but it certainly depends on your usage as well.

Most of the laptops nowadays have fast charging options available which can allow you to charge up your battery in an hour or so. Having such options are much preferable even for lightweight users.


Random-access memory is something that you cannot have enough, for most users around 8 GB of RAM would suffice to meet the basic requirement. But unfortunately, you may not have that option on a laptop under RS. 25000

But there’s a smarter way to improve your performance that is to upgrade or install additional RAM is available empty.

You might be familiar with the term DDR which stands for “Double Data Rate RAM”. DDR is a type of RAM placed on your motherboard, the latest DDR4 RAM is used by most of the manufacturers these days because of its low power consumption and better performance when compared to DDR3 RAMs.

Before you buy a RAM stick make sure you are getting the right Double Data Rate RAM which is compatible.

Storage (SSD & HDD)

Having an SSD would always be preferable than having a traditional Hard disk. Even though SSDs cost more and offer less storage size but still they are worth it if you are looking into improve in performance.

For a laptop Under Rs. 25000 you will have to make compromises on many specifications but there is nothing like losing out on an SSD. It’s difficult to find a laptop with SSD in this price range but yet you can install and upgrade your storage options on most of the laptops.

There are various types of SSDs available in the market. The most common ones used by the average consumers are either SATA or NVMe drives.

If you are looking to upgrade an older laptop then SATA drives can be connected like any traditional Hard disk with a two-connector system that can offer a maximum speed of 600Mbps to read and write the data.

However, if your laptops have the M.2 connector which is compatible with NVMe drives. NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) can offer speed as high as 3500Mbps.

At this price, you are not expecting to have much processing power so SATA drives will do the job for you.

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