Best Laptops under 40000 For Students & Office Use

best laptops under Rs. 40000

Choosing the best laptops under 40000 for students or a working professional can be a heckle sometime. You need a lot of time for research before making any buying decision, so for you to save up enough time!

Here I have listed some of the best Laptops in India under Rs 40000 that offer good value to money if you are planning to spend less than 40k.

Most of the laptops in this category have above-average performance that may fulfill your Processing needs for Work, Designing, or light gaming.

Don’t Forget to check out the Buying Guide at the bottom of this post.

Here Goes the List!

Which are the Top 10 Best laptops under 40000 for students and Office Work?

1. HP 15 Db1061Au (Rating: 3.5/5)

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Most HPs market share comes from a 30-50k price range. They have competitive products with the best customer service in India.

ProcessorAMD 5 3500U with 2.1 GHz, 6MB Cache
Ram & Storage4B DDR4 & 1TB HDD
Display15.6″ FHD (1920×1080)
GraphicsIntegrated Radeon Vega 8
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

best laptops under 40000 for students from HP

This HP laptop comes with a beautiful Full HD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and its IPS panel provides good viewing angles.

It has amazing performance as it sports AMD Ryzen 5 35090U with integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics card.

The processor is clocked at a speed of 2.10 GHz with 6 MB of cache storage giving you enough speed for handling multiple tasks quickly.

HP laptops offer better battery life with long-lasting built quality. If you are investing in a Laptop for long term use this can be the one for you.

You will always have the option to increase RAM from 4 GB to upto 12GB along with SSD upgrade for in addition to 1TB DDR3 HDD for smooth performance.

  • Sleek design
  • Battery life
  • Customer service
  • Ram
  • Color options
  • Web cam quality

Conclusion: It has a powerful processor you can invest in to. When comes to HP, you can trust them and expect good customer services. One of the best laptops under 40000 for students

2. Asus Vivo book X507UF-EJ300T (Rating: 3/5)

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Vivo book has an Intel Core 8th Gen i5 8250u processor. The laptops look stunning and have a beautiful & stylish design. It makes the best use of 8GB of memory to handle multitasking.

ProcessorIntel Core 8th Gen i5-8250U
Ram & Storage8GB DDR4 & 1TB HDD
Display15.6″ Back-lit FHD with 60Hz
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce MX130, 2GB VRAM
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

ASUS best laptops under 40000 for students

1TB of storage gives you enough space to save your files, documents, applications, and Games.

It features one the best display with 15.6” LED Backlit FHD 60Hz along with an NVidia GeForce MX130 graphics which is also rebranded as GeForce 940MX and performs up to the standards.

You can enjoy crisp display quality and Frame Rates while watching Videos or playing games. Lightweight games can be handled easily when the ASUS Ice cools technology keeps the temperature in check.

Asus has also added a fingerprint scanner for data protection that is fast and accurate most of the time.

  • Fingerprint
  • Led Display
  • Battery
  • Design
  • Sound quality
  • Touchpad

Conclusion: Its difficult to find a dedicated Graphics when you are spending less than Rs. 40,000. This laptop has good value for money, if you will be playing games on it then just go for it!

3. Asus Vivo book 15 M509DA – EJ581 (Rating: 3.5/5)

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Asus is competing with HP in this category with its amazing quality laptops. This laptop has an AMD Ryzen 5 3500u processor that has a base speed of 2.1 GHz & 6MB in the cache.

ProcessorAMD 5 3500U with 2.1 GHz, 6MB Cache
Ram & Storage8GB DDR4 & 1TB HDD
Display15.6″ Back-lit FHD with 60Hz
GraphicsAMD Radeon Vega 8
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

Laptops with higher cache memory tend to have better performance as it stores the copied data which are frequently used so that it can reduce the time to access the data from Main memory. However, it has 8 GB RAM which offers a seamless experience.

The display is something to look out for as its having an FHD 15.6” screen with a 60 Hz refresh rate. If you are buying a Laptop for Multipurpose like Working, Content Consumption, or even Gaming, you can easily rely on its performance.

To increase your GPU performance you have Integrated Radeon Vega 8 processor that can handle games like GTAV, Witcher 3, Fortnite, PUBG, etc. while maintaining 25-50 Hz FPS.

ASUS offers Sonic Master which provides better audio experience through Hardware and software tuning.

Sound quality is good but still, the volume could have been better. Battery life is average and could have been better at this price.

  • Display
  • Fast Processor
  • Battery
  • Sound Volume

Conclusion: The performance of the laptop can be boosted with an additional SSD. You can scale up to 4-star rating with that upgrade

4. HP 15s FR1004TU (Rating: 4/5)

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HP has another amazing performing Laptop with the latest Intel Core i3-1005G1 10th Gen processor. In terms of performance, it keeps up with the specification and provides you a smooth experience while booting up, multitasking, RAM management, etc.

ProcessorIntel Core 10th Gen i3 – 1005G1 with 1.2 GHz, 4MB Cache
Ram & Storage4GB DDR4 & 512GB SSD
Display15.6″ FHD (1920×1080)
GraphicsIntel UHD
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

The laptop is equipped with 512 GB SSD & 4 GB RAM with Intel Integrated UHD Graphics. Although Intel’s integrated graphics do not quite match up to its competitor like AMD’s Radeon Vega 8, which offer an average GPU performance in this range.

The display is a 15.6” FHD with good image quality at a 60Hz refresh rate. It comes with an Anti-Glare Technology that helps you get a better viewing experience without any reflection on the screen.

The older generation of this model used to come with an Intel corei3 7th Gen 7020U which also received a good reviews from consumers.

Sound Quality is just above average while the battery performance is amazing. However, how quickly you drain your battery depends upon your usage and for an average consumers, it can work for 5 – 6 Hours. 

P.S: Remove Preinstalled McAfee antivirus for performance improvement.

  • Battery life
  • New Design
  • Light weight
  • Sound
  • Graphics

Conclusion: Not only it has the latest i3 processor but a large SSD as well that really increases the performance. This is one of the best laptops under 40000 for students to buy in India.

5. Lenovo Idea pad S340 – 81V00JFIN (Rating: 3.5/5)

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The list cannot go on without mentioning an Idea pad from Lenovo. This laptop offers 10th Gen Intel core i3 1005G1 with a base speed of 1.2 GHZ and can be clocked at a maximum of 3.4 GHz.

ProcessorIntel Core 10th Gen i3 – 1005G1 with 1.2 GHz, 4MB Cache
Ram & Storage8GB DDR4 & 256GB SSD
Display14″ FHD (1920×1080)
GraphicsIntel Integrated Graphics
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
best laptops under 40000 for students

This one also comes up with a 256GB SSD pre-installed that speeds up the performance and for memory you have 4GB DDR4 RAM with 4MB cache size.

Laptops have an amazing built quality with a sleek design. The display is crisp with fewer bezels on both sides, you can enjoy 4K content and HDR content on this 15.6’ FHD display with Anti-Glare Technology. The Keyboard is Back-lit with 2 levels of brightness settings while touchpad quality is also better than other devices in this category.

There’s not much to expect in terms of sound quality as that’s not something Lenovo does better than other manufacturers but it gets the job done.

Battery life is claimed to be up to 7 hours but many users have noticed a significant drop in battery life after a couple of months’ use.

  • Bezel less display
  • 4k & HDR support
  • Less heating and fan noise
  • Webcam shutter
  • Finger print sensor
  • Webcam

Conclusion: Lightweight and compact form factor is the key factor that makes it more attractive. If you will be carrying your laptop outdoor then this can be the one for you!

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6. HP 15 DS0043TU (Rating: 4/5)

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This one only makes the list because it offers a Touch Screen display at this price point.

ProcessorIntel Core 7th Gen i3-7020U with 2.3 GHz and 3MB Cache
Ram & Storage4GB DDR4 & 1 TB HDD
Display15.6″ Touch screen WLED
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
best laptops under 40000

However, you will have to make a compromise on the processing power as this one includes a 7th Gen Intel Core i3 7020U which offers average performance and can be compared with the 8th Gen i3 – 8145U processor. On the other hand for GPU we have an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620.

It has a WLED Back-lit HD Display with 15.6’ screen size. Interacting through the touch screen is seamless and touch response time is also good.

Sound Quality is better than other competitors but the volume could have been a bit louder. The battery life is not much to expect from these laptops, however, it manages around 3-4 hours with normal usage.  

  • Touchscreen
  • WLED display
  • Design
  • Fingerprint
  • Sound volume

Conclusion: Sleek and slim design is attractive and good looking. On the inside, it has the right combination of RAM, Storage, CPU, and GPU.

7. Acer Aspire 5 Slim A515-43 (Rating: 4.5/5)

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Acer has been delivering some amazing laptop in India at this price. It is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 3500U that offers a base speed of 2.1 Ghz which can be clocked at a maximum speed of 3.7 Ghz.

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3500U with 2.1 GHz up to 3.7 GHz
Ram & Storage8GB DDR4 & 512GB SSD
Display15.6″ FHD
GraphicsAMD Radeon Vega 8
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

The device would not let you down in terms of performance as it does not only has a powerful processor but also comes with a 512 GB SSD preinstalled along with an 8 GB DDR4 RAM that just offers an effortless experience.

You cannot get the screen size wrong here. Aspire 5 features a bright & a quality 15.6’ inch FHD IPS display with Acer Color Intelligence through which you can enjoy High-quality videos and pictures.

For your graphical requirements, it is equipped with an AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU that can handle some games in Low setting.

  • Sleek Design
  • Light weight
  • Power processor
  • Sound
  • Keyboard is not Back lit

Conclusion: This is the Best performing Laptop under Rs. 40,000 you can buy In India. Don’t think twice and if all you care is performance and speed. This is the best laptops under 40000 for students and professionals.

8. HP 15s EQ 0063AU/ EQ0007AU (Rating – 4/5)

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HP has a good customer base in India as they deliver to their promises with their Laptops line up with different variants to cater to different requirements.

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3200U with 2.6 GHz up to 3.5 GHz & 5 MB Cache
Ram & Storage4GB DDR4 & 256GB SSD
Display15.6″ FHD
GraphicsAMD Radeon Vega 3
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
HP best laptops under 40000 for students

This Laptop includes an AMD Ryzen 3 3200 that clocks at 2.6 GHZ with a Cache memory of 5 MB.

The laptop has 512 GB SSD for that speeds up processing task along with 4GB of DDR4 RAM that can manage multitasking with ease.

The design of the laptop is fresh and has a good premium built quality with a 15.6-inch FHD Display. If you can plan to use it for designing or casual gaming then AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics and boost your GPU performance.

It also features Fast Charge which can help you charge your battery from 0 to 50% under 45 minutes.

It also comes with another variant (EQ0007au) which has the same Specification but a 256 GB SSD Storage capacity.

  • Easy to carry
  • Bezeless Design
  • Premium built quality
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Webcam

Conclusion: Laptop has a good specifications list which suited for college students. You can use it on the go while traveling. This can be the best laptops under 40000 for students from HP.

9. Acer Aspire 3 A315-54 AU (Rating: 3/5)

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Acer Aspire 3 is a Mid-Range laptops series that may suit your budget as well as your requirements. If you are looking for a laptop with the Intel Core i5 processor then you end up buying this one!

ProcessorIntel Core 8th Gen i5 – 8265U , 1.6 GHz up to 3.9 GHz & 4 MB Cache
Ram & Storage8GB DDR4 & 1TB HDD
Display15.6″ FHD
GraphicsIntel UHD 620 Graphics
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
best laptops under 40000 for students

As it includes 8th Gen i5 – 8265U processor whose performance is equivalent to AMD Ryzen 3 3200U. It can clock up to 3.9 GHZ Speed.

In terms of storage, you will have a 1 TB HDD which does NO good until and unless you are planning to replace or install a new SSD which can boost your performance 5x. The design of the laptop is outdated while built quality is rather satisfactory.

The laptop offers a 15.6-inch FHD screen but the color accuracy is not that great and there can be an improvement on Image processing.

Intel UHD graphics 620 can handle some GPU extensive tasks while not much can be expected.

  • RAM management
  • Design
  • Display quality

Conclusion: Acer Laptops are losing popularity these days but this can offer good value and performance. If you are willing to install additional SSD, you can have yourself one of the best laptops in this price range.

10. Lenovo Think Pad E-14 20RAS0SF00 (Rating: 4/5)

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You might be wondering if I have mistakenly mentioned this Laptop here but you will be surprised to know Think Pad E-14, is an entry-level laptop launched recently by Lenovo.

ProcessorIntel Core 10th Gen, 2.1 GHz up to 4.1 GHz & 4 MB Cache
Ram & Storage4GB DDR4 & 256 SSD
Display14″ FHD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

Lenovo best laptops under 40000 for students

In terms of processing speed, you can clock a speed of 2.1 GHZ – 4.1 GHZ with Intel core i3 10110U that is the latest 10th Generation processor.

It comes to a pre-installed 256 GB SSD that offers lightning-fast bootup speed with 4 GB of DDR4 RAM.

This Laptop is best suited for working professional who requires good processing speed for Editing or Coding.

Lenovo has equipped this laptop with a 14-inch FHD-Lit Display which offers 180 degrees hinge with good viewing angles. In terms of GPU, you have an Integrated Intel HD Graphics that can handle some extensive tasks.

You can expect a battery life of amazing 10-12 hours which charging up your device can be made convenient with Lenovo’s Rapid Charge which reaches 80% in 1 hour.

  • Battery
  • Built
  • Performance
  • Sound
  • Ram storage

Conclusion: Most affordable Think pad available in the market. This laptop is a productivity tool that can help you work out all your personal or official tasks. This can be the best laptops under 40000 for students.

That’ all for Laptops under Rs. 40,000.

If these laptops exceed your expectation you can look into Best Laptops Under Rs. 30,000 or check our list of laptops with High-end specifications here.

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Laptop Buying Guide

Display Size and Quality

It’s evident enough that the Best Laptops under this category comes with a 14 inch or 15.6-inch FHD display with a Refresh rate of up to 60Hz.

The screen size depends upon your usability, if you have to carry the laptop from a place to another and portability is a factor then a smaller size will be more suitable as the laptop will also weightless while if you have to work remotely then you can opt for large-screen options.

Most of the laptops mentioned here have Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

If you are a professional who needs works on photo editing or videography then this screen resolution will suffice as many of them supports 4K & HDR. Like Lenovo Idea pad S340 which is the best laptops under 40000 for students.

Features like 4K and HDR gives you a better quality picture with more pixel that ensure clarity.

If you are gamer then this can be a delight, there’s nothing better than playing games on a High-resolution screen that offers good Frames per second.

Now that we have fewer bezels on the display with more PPIs (pixel per inch) the display appears more stunning and attractive than what we could have expected in Laptops a couple of years ago.

Ports and connectivity

You need to make sure that your next laptops have all the required ports with the best connectivity to offer and will not cause any inconvenience in the future.

For Bluetooth, the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 offers fast data transfer speed and connectivity. It will ensure that your Headphones, Mouse, Game controller, etc. are connected and have a good response rate with less latency.

Every laptop is now equipped with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signals. If you are looking for better speed 5 GHz offers you the fastest speed within limited distance while 2.4 GHz gives you better connectivity from a distance and normal speed.

You should at least have 2 to 3 USB ports in your Laptops. The latest USB 3.1 offers twice the data transfer than USB 3.0

Many laptops now also come with USB Type-C port for charging while some have added it to future proof as it offers :

  • Reversible Connection
  • High transfer data rates
  • Power Delivery

You should also look out for HDMI and LAN ports.


Don’t ever buy the claims made by the manufacturer in this regard as most of the time they are misleading. The battery life completely depends upon your usability and various other factors.

Best laptop battery under Rs. 40000

So how much battery life to expect?

To understand what to expect from the battery you can check for the Battery size in terms of Watt-Hours (WT) / Milliamp-hours (mAH) or a number of cells included. Higher the number, better the battery life.

Battery drains faster if you are using an extensive application that needs more processing power for Editing, Gaming, etc.

Therefore, if as a Working professional you are using MS office this would be the best laptops under 40000 for students with above-average battery backup.


The main aspect to consider while buying a laptop is its CPU (central processing unit) that decides what performance can be expected from your Laptop.

The latest processors with higher clock speed (measured in GHz) let an application to load faster and offers smooth multitasking.
However, higher GHz implies the CPU’s power, and not necessarily fast performance can be expected.

Most of the laptops offer Quad-Core processor in this range which ensures that with multiple cores your processing performance increases effectively.


Selecting the perfect storage option for your device can be a struggle sometimes, especially since many manufacturers have started including Low storage capacity SSDs in their laptops while for HDD still, 1 TB is still a standard size which you can expect from the best laptops under 40000 for students.

But no matter how vast this difference may seem still SSDs have proved to be a way better performance to offer than any HDDs.

Hope this helps you to make a decision!

Let us know in the comment section below if you would need any personal advice or tips before buying.

Hope you enjoyed, Thank You for reading!

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