Different types of Headphones Design You need to know about!

Merely searching for the “Best Headphones Under…” on Google is not enough to find out the headphones that will be the best for you. The bigger question here is what type of headphones do you need? 

Because of the availability of multiple types of Headphones in the market, buyers often get confused about which one to pick. 

Not so tech-savvy people don’t even understand the difference between a Headphone and an earphone. But even these two Audio equipment are further classified in different categories.  

Here, we will discuss in-depth all types of Headphones there are, to help you understand which one will be the best suited for you.

Which are the different types of Headphones?

As there are multiple headphones available in the market you will have to choose among the most common ones we are about to discuss. We hope that after reading through this article you will be able to differentiate among them and make the best decision based upon your requirement and usability. 

1. Over the Ear Headphone

These headphones are one of the Biggest sized Headphones with fairly large paddings and cushions. They are also referred to as Closed-back headphones which means it does not allow any sound leakage.

As the name suggests Over the Ear headphones completely covers your entire ears so that it can also manage to eliminate some ambient noises passively

Types Of Headphones Design

Advantages of Over the Ear Headphones


The Headphones are super comfortable when it comes to using them for a longer duration as most of them use soft cushioning. 

Noise Isolation

Using the Over the Ear Headphone in overcrowded places can help you eliminate background noises. 

Large Speaker Drivers

These headphones offer better and enhanced sound output as they are equipped with larger and better speaker drivers

Disadvantages of Over the Ear Headphone


Carrying these Headphones can be challenging because of the larger built size. 

Not Lightweight

There are various form factors of Over the Ear headphones but most of them are a bit bulky when compared to other types of Headphones. 

2. On-Ear Headphones 

These are the best options for a buyer looking for a portable Headphone design. On-Ear headphones are also known as open-back headphones which may allow some noises to leak. 

The Headphone with this design stays only on your earlobes instead of covering the whole area. 

Such headphones have a tendency to catch the surrounding noises which may affect your overall music listening experience. 

Advantages of On-Ear Headphones


This is a type of headphone design that is more convenient and portable among the “Classic Headphones”. 


These headphones are quite lightweight which makes them easier to carry around. Even while wearing them you won’t feel any fatigue. 

Better Suited for Running

While doing physical activities like Running, Exercising, etc. the On-Ear headphone design is the most preferred one. 

Disadvantages of On-Ear Headphone

No Passive Noise Cancellation

Headphones with On-Ear design are not capable enough to Block ambient noises for a better music listening experience. 

Small Speaker Driver

The On-Ear headphones do not have large speaker drivers like Over the Headphones. So Audio output may vary from one device to another. 

3. In-Ear Headphones 

The In-ear Headphones are the most popular, convenient, and portable headphones. They are also referred to as Earphones or in-ear monitors. 

The reason why these are called In-ear Headphones or Earphones is that they go directly into your ear canals to deliver the music closer to your eardrums. 

You will find these types of Headphones in Both Wired and Wireless options.

Advantage Of In-ear Headphone


These headphones are the most convenient ones to use. They usually have a smaller body and form factor when compared with Over-ear or On-ear headphones. 


When it comes to portability these headphones are easy to carry around and can even fit in your pockets. 

Suitable for Workout

As these headphones fit in the ear canals perfectly, it will be easy for you to use them while Jogging, Running, or working out. 

Sound Isolation

These Headphones do not allow other ambient noises to enter your ears. 

Disadvantages of In-Ear headphones

Ear Fatigue

It may get irritating for the user to wear them for a long duration as it may cause irritation in your ears. 

Small Speaker Drivers

The drivers equipped in most of the In-ear headphones are fairly small and are not capable of delivering blasting sound output. 

4. Classic Earbuds/Earphones

These headphones can be considered as the first generation of portable headphones that were used along with popular devices like Walkman and iPods back in the day.

Such earphones do not go inside your ears as much as In-ear headphones, but they stay on the entrance. 

Advantages of Classic Earphones 

Lightweight and Portable 

The Classic Earphones are often quite lightweight and portable to use and carry it around.


Most people find these headphones more comfortable than in-ear headphones. 

Affordable Pricing

Because of the older design language, the headphone incurs less manufacturing costs which results in a cheap product. 

Disadvantages of Classic Earbuds 

Passive Noise Isolation

These headphones fail to block out noise isolation compared to in-ear headphones.

Negligent Bass

Classic Headphones offer negligent bass which can be a big downside for listening to music. 

5. Neckband Headphones

These headphones come under the wireless headphone category which means that the device can be connected using Bluetooth. 

The overall look is somewhat similar to in-ear Headphones and you can plug them in your ears for listening to your favourite music. As the name suggests the Headphones lie on to the neck with a short wire connecting the two plugs which also accommodates control buttons. 

Advantages of Neckband Headphones 

Tangle Free Connection

These headphones do not need to be connected with your Smartphone using a wire. And the short wire which connects the earplugs is completely tangle-free.  

Multipurpose Usability

The Neckband Headphones are quite comfortable to use while commuting, exercising, working out, or during any other activities.

Water Resistance

Most of the wireless Neckband Headphones that you buy in India will have some of the other IP rating certifications which makes it a great device.

Magnetic Lock

The Neckband headphones come with a magnetic lock feature that allows you to turn them off or play/pause songs by connecting both of the earplugs together. 

Disadvantages of Neckband Headphones


Headphones with a Neckband design having a cheap quality Silicone strap can be uncomfortable at times while wearing them for a long duration. 

6. Earbuds

Earbuds are the latest addition to the types of Headphones you can buy these days. This is a type of in-ear Headphones that stays in your ear near the eardrums but it does not have a short wire like the one used in Neckband headphones. 

Both the earplugs of the earbuds are independent of each other and can be also used individually. 

These headphones are accompanied by a carrying case which can also be used as a charging dock. 

Types Of Headphones Design

Advantages of Earbuds


The most important factor which makes it the best pick among the others is the reason that you can carry them anywhere you go and the extra power backup just adds the cherry to the top. 

Noise Isolation

Many of the Earbuds have a tight fit which allows them not only to stay put but also to eliminate the background noises passively.


Almost every wireless earbuds you are buying may have some of the other IP certification ratings which keep them protected against foreign elements.

Disadvantage Of Earbuds

Weak Bass

The Wireless earbuds are a type of Headphone device which may disappoint you in terms of Bass reproduction.

Microphone Quality 

Most of the Budget earbuds do not have a powerful Microphone and it fails to capture your voices clearly. This happens because of the Placement of the Microphone.

7. Noise Cancelling Headphone

The Headphones with Active or Passive Noise cancellation are considered the most immersive headphones which offer the ultimate music listening experience.

Noise Cancelling Headphones is more of a feature than a distinct design and can be present in any type of Headphones that we have discussed until now. 

Advantages of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Immersive Sound

With either passive or noise cancellation features you will have a much more immersive music listening experience.

Disadvantages of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Battery Life

Consumes too much battery life on Wireless Devices. However, some Headphones with Active Noise cancellation allow you to turn it on or off manually which can save some battery.

Which Headphones type is Best for you?

As of now you have understood between the types of headphones available in the market. Let’s find out which type of Headphones will be the best suited for you.

Over-Ear Headphones would be a great choice for buyers looking for comfort but have no issues with the larger built sizes. These headphones generally block out background noises. Best suited for Professional Musicians or music enthusiasts.  Check out the Best Over-Ear Headphones

On-Ear Headphones are preferred by individuals who prefer smaller form factors but high-quality sound reproduction. Check out the Best On-Ear Headphones

In-Ear Headphones are best suited for casual use. People who prefer listening to songs with decent amounts of Bass and mids usually get a hand on these headphones. Check the Best in-ear headphones

Classic Headphones would be the last recommended device to buy in 2020. However, if you are low on budget you can go ahead with these types of Headphones. 

Neckband Headphones are generally preferred by people who like to like wireless connections but want compact and portable headphones. These headphones are best suited for people who like Jogging, Working out, or listening to songs casually. Check the best Neckband headphones

Earbuds are the most portable and flexible device which can be used anywhere on the go. People who prefer travelling can buy these headphones which offer great overall battery life. Check out the best earbuds

Noise Cancelling Headphones is generally for music lovers who just want to immerse in their favourite Music as and when required. However, Headphones with Active noise cancellation can be a bit more expensive. Check the Best Headphones with Noise cancellation

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