Difference between Gaming headphone and Normal headphone

Understanding the difference between Gaming & Normal headphones is key for making the right decision while buying. As there are many types of Headphones available in the market, you might get confused while getting one that fits all your requirements. 

We will here take a closer look at the key areas where a gaming headphone is different from a Normal one. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to understand if gaming headphones are worth buying over normal headphones. 

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Gaming Headphone vs Normal Headphones 

In terms of usability, both Headphones offer almost the same features but everything boils down to user preference and requirement and we will discuss that in-depth.

Gaming Headphones 

As the name suggests Gaming headphones are the ones that are built specifically for Gamers as they have a Gamer vibe & feel to them. Most of these headphones have RGB lighting just like a Gaming keyboard or mouse. In some of such headphones, you can even customize the lighting to suit your mood and ambience as per the game you are playing. 

One thing that most manufacturers keep in mind while designing a Gaming headphone is the level of comfort as they understand how long a gaming session could last. No one wants any hindrance while playing competitive games online and having soft cushioned ear cups along with an adjustable headband plays an important role in determining the comfort quality of the headphone for gamers.

Gaming headphones are equipped with a high-quality microphone that can allow you to speak and coordinate with your team members online. Some of the headphones have a removable microphone while some include a physical key to mute it when not required. 

The quality of the microphone is good enough for online gaming but might not be best for professional audio recording like for streaming. However, there are some premium gaming headphones that won’t require a separate Microphone even while streaming. 

Another important thing to consider while buying a gaming headphone is the Audio performance. With a powerful virtual surround sound setup, you get to experience every movement of your enemies and have a strategic advantage. But this is not true for every gaming headphone you buy. Hence the degree of virtual surround experience will depend a lot on the price and value of the headphone. 

The most important thing to highlight here is that these headphones are not perfectly tuned to deliver Audio performance as expected by an Audiophile. But they can still manage to deliver decent performance for watching movies, casually listening to music, or attending an online meeting. 

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Normal Headphone 

These headphones are the counterpart of Gaming headphones except that they are designed to deliver better sound quality but they lack a high-quality microphone. The whole purpose of buying these headphones is specifically for listening to music, watching movies, or just for general entertainment.

Normal headphones are best suited for Audiophiles who are looking to experience every beat and note of the songs. The drivers equipped with these headphones focus on mid-range sound along with enhanced bass and balanced treble. 

In terms of looks, they have a minimal design which distinguishes them from the aggressive design of Gaming headphones. They are also more convenient and portable to carry around as they are lightweight while some can be folded as well. 

They also lack RGB lighting but include features like Active or passive Noise cancellation technologies. Such features block or completely remove Ambient noises from the background so that you can completely immerse yourself in the music. 

There are both wired and wireless Normal headphones available in the market. Wireless headphones are expensive and might not offer zero latency as compared with wired ones. 

Every manufacturer offers different sets of features to differentiate from other products. Here are some of the best headphones that you could buy. 

Some of the most reputed brands for Normal headphones are Sony, JBL, Bose and Sennheiser

Which one should you buy? A gaming headphone or a normal one? 

No one can clearly answer this question as it basically depends on your requirements and expectations. 

An individual looking to play games most of the time should opt for a Gaming headphone that is equipped with a high-quality Microphone. A wired gaming headphone is better than any wireless counterpart for gamers as it offers great response time and zero lags. 

A normal headphone is best suited for Audiophiles & it can be used for gaming purposes but you won’t be able to communicate online until you have a separate microphone. 

Similarly, you can use Gaming headphones for listening to music but they won’t be as exquisite as a Normal one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use Normal Headphones for gaming? 

Yes, you can use a Normal headphone for gaming but the experience will not be close to what you can get with a Gaming headphone as gaming headphones have features strictly designed to enhance your overall gaming performance & experience.

2.  Do gaming headsets make a difference? 

Gaming headphones can make a difference in your gameplay as they deliver surround sound quality along with enhanced bass that gives you a competitive edge over your opponents. You can hear the nearby foot noises of your enemy so that you can counter them before they attack you. 

3. Are more expensive gaming headsets worth it?

Getting an expensive gaming headset is only worth it if you require extraordinary features. They offer a better comfort level for long gaming sessions along with a better surround sound experience and microphone quality. 

4. Which is better for gaming earphones or headphones?

In contrast, normal headphones offer the best quality Audio performance but you will need a separate microphone if you intend to play multiplayer games online. Hence, gaming headphones are ideal for competitive gaming. 


Now that you have a clear idea about how both of these headphones are different from one another, we hope that you make the right decision. In case you still have any doubts or concerns, feel free to comment down below. 

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