Best True wireless earbuds under 1500 in India 2021

Best Earbuds under 1500

TWS or True Wireless Stereo earbuds have taken the earphone market by storm. Because of portability, affordability, and rich features, these are the most appropriate pick for the consumers. 

With strong Bluetooth connectivity, they ensure that the sound quality is not compromised in any way.

Usually termed as “earbuds” this wireless Bluetooth device has two separate sound channels (Left and Right) packed in a chargeable case. 

These earphones tend to have better and long-lasting battery life as the charging cases themselves are capable enough to power up the earbuds.

Buying a Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500 may seem a bit unrealistic. But there are plenty of options available within the budget that performs true to their price.

We have done deep research and analysis to have found out that these 5 earbuds are among the best in India under Rs. 1500

So without any further ado!

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Which are the Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500 in India 2021?

boAt Airdopes 121v2 Check Offer Price
pTron Bassbuds Pro Check Offer Price
boAt Airdopes 171 Check Offer Price
CRUA Earbuds Check Offer Price
pTron Bassbuds Check Offer Price
WeCool Moonwalk M1 Check Offer Price

1. boAt Airdopes 121v2

Check Offer Price

boAt is one of the new brands that has made an impact in the Indian market with its high-quality audio products. Airdopes 121v2 is a perfect True wireless earbud that delivers decent Audio clarity at an affordable price. 

The device has been a Hot Seller since its launch in September 2020, on multiple eCommerce websites. 

Driver Unit8 mm Driver
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Battery3 hours + 11 hours
Charging TypeMicro USB
IP RatingIPX4
boAt Airdopes 121v2

Design (9/10) 

This newly launched Earbuds from boAt has a solid & improved design when compared with some of the older and expensive models like boAt 171.

The capsule sized earbud case is portable and can fit easily inside your pocket. In fact, there is a digital battery indicator present inside that keeps a tab on your charging level. 

Some other devices like boAt 441 lack a digital battery indicator but it’s good to see boAt has taken a new direction with their latest Airdopes 121v2.

The hard plastic material used for the build of the device has a nice & premium matte finish that makes it look and feel good. 

While wearing the earbuds for a long run, exercise sessions, or cycling, it maintains and holds a strong comfortable grip. You can try out the extra earmuffs provided along with the earbud to find one with a snug fit. 

However, there is no LED indicator on the outside of the case that tells if the device is charging or not. 

Audio (8/10) 

boAt earphones do a great job in terms of Audio quality but that is equally proportionate to the price you are paying. The more you spend on a boAt Audio product the better the sound quality would be. 

Airdopes 121v2 does stand out against most of its competitors like Ptron and WeCool 

Earbuds. This device is equipped with a powerful 8 mm neodymium driver that could boost your overall Audio experience. 

The good news for music lovers is that the device gets quite loud without causing any distortion at high volumes. Even the vocals are smooth and clear for every type of music but while playing heavy games you may face some Audio lags. 

Now expecting a thumping bass from a cheap earbud will be nothing short of a disappointment. Airdopes 121v2 does not have that powerful bass that could satisfy the need of a heavy bass lover.  

However, the poor quality microphone is not the one you can rely on for attending calls wirelessly. Especially in a crowded environment, you’ll need to disconnect the Earbuds before answering a call. 

Battery (8/10)

These earbuds have a capacity of 40 mAh each and could last for about 3 hours with a single charge while the charging case is equipped with a 380 mAh battery. 

The battery output that you get in total is claimed to be 14 hours by boAt but with actual use at high volume levels the figure stands out between 8-10 hours

Because of the small battery size, the device only takes 2 hours to fully charge with 100% capacity. 

If while using the earbuds the device falls short of battery level it will start voice prompts for charging the device.

However, the device does not offer any quick charge technology and as it lacks a USB Type C charging option. 

Additional Features

boAt Airdopes 121v2 are equipped with powerful features that add value to the device. You can use buttons on the earbuds to enable Voice assistants like Siri or Google. For activating it you’ll have to hold the button for 2 seconds. 

The same buttons are also used for answering or disconnecting calls, playing music, skipping tracks, etc. 

This device also has IPX4 protection that saves the earbuds from accidental water splashes. So sweating won’t be a problem. 

For connectivity, it is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that offers a strong connection. 

  • Compact & portable
  • LED indicator
  • IPX4
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Vocals
  • No USB Type C
  • Latency issues
  • Call Quality
  • No Touch Control
  • Bad Bass

2. pTron Bassbuds Pro

Check Offer Price

PTron is an Indian brand that started in 2015 as a Mobile accessories manufacturer. Since the launch of their True Wireless Earbuds, the company has garnered some attention.

pTron Bassbuds Pro was introduced in November 2019 and has been received well by the Indian consumer.

Driver Unit6 mm Driver
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Battery3 hours + 9 hours
Charging TypeType C
IP RatingIPX4

Design (9/10)

The earbuds follow an ergonomic and lightweight design which also looks stylish yet appealing. 

pTron Bassbuds are perfectly designed in a way to ensure you get a snug and tight fit that doesn’t loosen up easily. It just weighs 4 grams and you can wear them for all-day quite comfortably.

The small-sized earbuds cover your ear canals perfectly without much of it, hovering out of your ears. 

Both of the earbuds have a Smart touch control feature which makes things easier and convenient. 

You can change volume, play/pause songs, change tracks, activate digital assistants, or even answer or reject a call without having to reach out to your smartphone. 

The charging case also has a sturdy build quality with a matte finish which makes a statement by itself. 

With LED indicators that reflect the battery life left in the device, this earphone improves the usability factor.  

Sound (8/10)

At this price point, you can expect much from a fairly competitive product like this.

But this pTron wireless earbuds just surprise you with the amazing sound quality that it has under its sleeve. 

The earbud uses a powerful 6 mm driver which generates amazing performance. 

Though this is not one of the loudest wireless earbuds it is among the ones with the best sound clarity.

As the name “Bassbuds Pro” suggests these earbuds are certainly a pro in terms of Bass reproduction. 

You will experience a thumping bass which lets you feel every beat drop in the songs that has heavy bass.

Even the trebles are perfectly optimized on this earphone. 

You won’t regret buying this earphone at all as this is one of the Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500.

Battery (8/10)

As mentioned earlier, the wireless earbuds have a charging case with some additional power backup which can be used to power up the earbuds. 

pTron has equipped a 40 mAh li-polymer battery on both Left and Right earbuds. While the charging case holds a capacity of 300 mAh

The earbuds themselves can last for around 3 hours with a single charge if used for listening to music. 

On the other hand, the charging case can charge up the earbuds up to 3-4 times adding additional hours to overall backup. 

Through super quick charge and USB type C compatibility, the earbuds can be charged in just 1.5 hours

Additional Features 

The pTron Bassbuds comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology which can let you enjoy stable and reliable connectivity without any sound distortions. 

Your preferred Digital assistant will be at be your disposal with just one touch on the earbuds.

The microphone quality is decent enough, as it can get the job done if used for attending calls. But you may face challenges in noise areas. 

  • Premium Build
  • Audio
  • Bass
  • Performance
  • Touch Controls
  • Quick Charge
  • Battery life could’ve been better
  • No Water resistance

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3. Boat Airdopes 171

Check Offer Price

boAt always comes first in your mind when thinking about the best budget-friendly brand that you can trust. 

Boat Airdopes is quite a renowned TWS earbud series that has some amazingly powerful products. Airdrops 171 which was launched in July 2020 is one of them.

Driver Unit6 mm Driver
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Battery3 hours + 10 hours
Charging TypeMicro USB
IP RatingIPX4
Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500

Design (9/10)

The wireless earbuds look aesthetically pleasing with dual-tone colours. They are available in 4 colour variants including Rose Gold, Mysterious Blue, Active Black, and Cool Gray. 

When talking about the overall look while wearing, the earbuds look great as it perfectly fits in your earlobes.

Because of the lightweight design, this earphone just weighs 4.2 grams which makes it quite comfortable for long duration sessions. 

The earbuds have Touch buttons placed, which can be used as a multipurpose button to perform certain actions.

Though you may expect a touch-sensitive control here, even these buttons are quite tactile and responsive and do not give you a reason to complain.

The premium build quality is followed on the charging case as well. You will have yourself a powerful yet sophisticated designed earphone.

The compact size allows you to carry it in the carry case easily as it can even fit in your pocket. Hence, this is one of the Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500.

Sound (9/10)

boAt Airdopes 171 reproduces amazing sound quality and frequencies through the 6 mm drivers

Through the perfectly angled ear tips, the sound will be directly put forth into your ears. 

You will enjoy all kinds of songs on these earbuds as it can handle highs, lows, and mids quite comfortably. 

The music listening experience on this earphone is quite immersive and enriching. 

If you are a Bass lover you may not be fully satisfied but for this price, the device does justice with overall bass reproduction.  

This earphone is definitely one of the best true wireless earbuds under 1500 in India with great value to money. 

Battery (8/10)

boAt earbuds are equipped with a 43 mAh li-ion battery which can last for up to 3 hours with a single charge. 

The charging cum carry case that earbuds come along with has a capacity of 380 mAh which can add an additional 10 hours of battery backup.

You can use the carry case up to 2-3 times to power up your earbuds from 0 to 100% battery level. 

This much battery life is quite enough for ration users, if used adequately one can manage up to 2-3 days of music with a fully charged case. 

However, the earbuds do not support fast charging and it takes around 3 hours to charge the earphone via a Micro USB port. 

Additional Features 

Budget Wireless Earbuds are not the best while capturing Audio via a Microphone equipped within it. 

boAt 171 has in-built earbuds which can be used to do a decent enough job to activate the Voice assistant but fails to impress you while attending a call. 

The earphone also offers resistance against water, dust, and sweat as it is IPX4 rated.

  • Sound quality
  • Performance
  • Premium Build
  • Digital Assistants
  • IPX4
  • Bass can be improved
  • Battery Life is less
  • No Quick Charge

4. CRUA Earbuds

Check Offer Price

CRUA is an Indian-based company that has launched some products with the aim to capture the budget segment by offering high-quality products. 

This TWS was launched in August 2020 by CRUA and since its launch, they have received positive feedback. 

Driver Unit9 mm Driver
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Battery3 hours + 10 hours
Charging TypeMicro USB
IP RatingIPX4

Design (9/10)

This wireless earbud is quite different from the others mentioned above. As it follows the Apple Airpods design line, the earbuds pop out of your ear vertically. 

The device is available in White and Black colour options to choose from.

Overall build quality is surprisingly solid and sturdy because of the premium material used here. 

This design language blends the style of both in-ear and traditional headphones to create wireless TWS earbuds. 

With Smart Touch control you can easily control Music tracks, Volume level, or activate Digital Assistants. 

Coming to the carrying case of the earbuds, the round-shaped covers have an easy and convenient portability factor. 

You can place them anywhere you want as it is quite lightweight. Take your music everywhere you go. 

Sound (8/10)

This earbud has slightly better 9 mm drivers which can enhance the consumers overall listening experience. 

Though you might be listening about this brand for the first time, you can mark our words that these TWS earbuds are exceptionally well at reproducing high-quality sound with clarity. 

You can use them for listening to music or watching movies on the go as they fit perfectly in your ear canals to direct the sound in your ears.

Your ears will be filled with high-quality sounds that would make your day. 

Even the Bass of the earphone is quite impressive as it can let you enjoy songs with thumping and punchy bass. 

The earbuds are a complete package and a perfect pick for Bass lovers at this price point. 

Battery (9/10)

These TWS earbuds have a great quality battery life which can offer up to 3 hours of Battery life on every charge. 

While the portable charging case has an extra 300 mAh of battery life available which can power up the device another 2 – 3 times. 

The total capacity then stands at 30 hours which is more than enough for every user. 

CRUA Earbuds can be a great companion for Travellers who like to be on the move. 

So you can carry them around without having to worry about draining the battery completely after a single charge. 

The earbuds do not support any official fast charging features, but as claimed by CRUA this product can reach 0 to 100 % in just 1.5 hours. 

Additional Features 

The earbuds come equipped with high performing microphone which can record or transmit your Audio in the best clarity. 

It can also be used to summon the Digital Assistant to perform certain actions like checking the weather, current news, trivia or for making a call.

For stronger connectivity, the earphone uses Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures faster pairing and distortion-free sound. 

The device is IPX4 rated which can provide you resistance against water and sweat.

  • Sound Quality
  • Bass
  • Premium Build
  • Battery Life
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX4
  • Digital Assistant
  • No Fast charge

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5. pTron Bassbuds Urban

Check Offer Price

pTron Bassbuds Urban is a recently introduced True wireless stereo earbuds that went on sale in August 2020. 

These earbuds are quite easy to use and their affordable price gives you more reasons to buy this Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500.

Driver Unit6 mm Driver
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Battery5 hours + 15 hours
Charging TypeMicro USB
IP RatingIPX4
Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500

Design (9/10)

These TWS earbuds have an ergonomic secure fit in-ear design for comfortable wear. Listening to songs all day long won’t be a hassle as it is quite lightweight as well.

The pTron earbuds are available in Black, Brown, and Rose Gold that looks amazingly stylish and premium. 

With angled ear tips, the sound is directly infused in your ears because of the snug fit.

You can control Call and Music at a touch of your fingertips through the interactive Touch controls.

The leather material used on the earbud looks appealing while the other part of the body has a shiny finish. 

While the battery indicator is present on the top so that you keep the battery level in check. With a strap along the device to carry it around.

The carry case opens vertically which is much easier to use. 

Sound (8/10)

These TWS earbuds have a 6 mm driver which makes a great sound reproduction. 

You can carry these earbuds around so that you can be in touch with your music all time long.

The mids are crisp and clear, vocals are good. Though the device is not the best in terms of sound quality, it does justice to the price.

And the bass is heavy enough to keep you on the edge. The earbuds will reproduce thumping and punchy deep low bass. 

Even the earbuds can manage to block out some noises passively that creates an immersive sound experience.

Battery (8/10)

pTron Bassbuds Urban is equipped with a 50 mAh Li-Polymer battery in each earbud which can last for up to 5 hours

You can recharge the earbud up to 3 to 4 times using the charging a.k.a carrying case. 

This case has a 400 mAh Li-Polymer battery which let your earbuds last for up to additional 15 hours

It also supports a Quick charge that can let you charge the device in just 1.5 hours.

Having a powerful battery life gives you the confidence to use it as and when required.

Additional Features 

When it comes to additional functionalities, this pTron Earbud does have some features which change the overall game. 

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 with A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which allows for smooth and low latency music streaming. 

Using the microphone one can attend calls at best clarity and also your favourite digital assistants can be accessed. 

Also, while exercising and working out the device offers you resistance against sweat and water with an IPX4 rating. 

  • Sound quality
  • Performance
  • Bass and Treble
  • Classy Charging case
  • Touch Interaction
  • Stereo Sound
  • Noise cancellation
  • Battery Backup can be improved
  • No Type C port

6. WeCool Moonwalk M1 

Check Offer Price

WeCool Moonwalk is yet another Indian based company that has a couple of TWS earbuds with amazon performance.

Moonwalk M1 was launched in July 2020 which made an impact on the budget wireless segment and is one of the Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500.

Driver Unit6 mm Driver
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Battery4 hours + 28 hours
Charging TypeMicro USB
IP RatingIPX5
Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1500

Design (9/10)

With a sleek and stylish design, the earbud is a perfect fit for your ears. It has been designed in a way to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

Carrying this earbud around won’t be a problem as it has a lightweight design which makes it fit practically anywhere including your pockets.

Both the earbuds only weigh 3.5 grams each.

Both earbuds and the carrying case offered here has a sturdy build quality which seems durable for the long term.

The magnetic hinge of the case allows it to be closed tightly to avoid accidental opens to protect the earbuds.

With a LED display on the top, you can always keep in check the remaining battery life on the earbuds and case.

Sound (8/10)

The sound quality of the wireless earbuds does justice to the price it is being sold at. You will experience not the best but decent enriching and immersive sound experience. 

All the songs can be heard with clarity and smoothness. The tones and frequencies are perfectly balanced. 

You will encounter exceptional mids and lows while Highs could’ve been better. 

Having these earbuds daily for listening to your favourite songs would be a great option at an affordable price. 

However, you won’t get any noise cancellation on this device but because of the tight fit, it can passively block some ambient noises.

Battery (8/10)

Each of the earbuds has a 50 mAh battery equipped which can last for up to 4 – 5 hours based upon your usage. 

While the carrying cum charging case has a 350 mAh battery life which can last for a couple of weeks. 

So basically the earbuds can be charged a couple of times using the carrying case and you don’t have to worry about charging them. 

Once you plug them in power, within 2 hours the earbuds along with the case would be ready to go. 

This allows you to carry these earbuds where you go, to be in touch with your music. 

Additional Features

The earbuds have great quality and performance which results in great customer satisfaction and adds more value. 

So apart from that, this earbud also comes with some additional functionalities which increase the chances of you buying the earbuds. 

Like, WeCool Moonwalk M1 has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 which enables easy comfortable pairing with distortion frees sound quality. 

The microphone-equipped in this TWS earbuds offers nice clarity while transmitting your Audio. 

You can use the earbud to activate your Voice-enabled assistant including Siri and Google Assistant which can let you grab information without having to reach out to your phone. 

Moreover, the earbuds have IPX5 water and splash resistance to safeguard your device from accidental damage. 

  • Build Quality
  • Magnetic Case
  • IPX5
  • Voice assistant
  • Noise isolation
  • Fast charge
  • Audio Clarity
  • Battery life can be better
  • Bass can be improved

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the overall best earbuds under 1500?

boAt Airdopes 121v2 is one of the best earbuds under 1500.

Which are the best brand for earbuds under 1500?

Ptron and boAt are the best brands for buying earbuds under 1500.

Are True wireless earbuds better than earphones?

True wireless earbuds are the newer version of earphones but based on current technology wired connectivity has an edge over the wireless ones until you are buying expensive earbuds.

For a cheap earbud priced under Rs. 1500, you can’t really expect much apart from comfort and portability.


With this, we have reached the conclusion that the Wireless Earbuds are a great pair of music equipment to have. It checks all the right boxes that would make them a great purchase.

All the earbuds recommended here are the Best TWS Earbuds Under 1500 which can be bought in the market today. Based on your requirement and usability you can buy one.

However, if the sole purpose of buying these earbuds is under Rs. 1500 is to attend calls, then we would recommend you to buy Neckband Earphones as they tend to have better sound transmission via microphone as compared to TWS earbuds.

We would also suggest you avoid using these earbuds/earphones for a long duration as it may affect your ears.

Thank you for reading!

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