Best Monitor under 10000 for PC/Gaming in India

Best Monitor under 10000

Are you planning to build a custom PC in India and wondering which can be the best Monitor that can bring the appeal to your complete setup? You have arrived at your destination, here we have listed some of the best and affordable monitors that will go along with your work or gaming setup.

When you are looking for the Best Monitor under Rs. 10000, there are a couple of things that you can expect at this price point. 

  • Full HDR resolution 
  • Upto 75 Hz refresh rate
  • 178 Degree Viewing angles 
  • Response rate of 1ms 
  • 21.5 – 24 inch Size

The monitors that we will be discussing below are some of the Finest in the market and offer great value to money. You can use them for different purposes and under different circumstances. 

So without any further ado.

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Which is the Best Monitor under 10000 Rs. in India 2021?

HP 22fwCheck Offer Price
LG 22 inch Check Offer Price
Samsung 24 inchCheck Offer Price
AOC 24B1XHSCheck Offer Price
Acer B227QCheck Offer Price
LG 60.96 cmCheck Offer Price
BenQ GW2480Check Offer Price
Lenovo 54.6 cmCheck Offer Price
HP 22 inchCheck Offer Price

1. HP 22fw Ultra-Thin Full HD

Check Offer Price

HP is one of the oldest and best Hardware manufacturers based out in America. When looking for the best Monitors under 10000, HP can be a preference for many. 

Best monitor under 10000

Build Quality 

HP products cannot disappoint you in terms of Build quality unless you are a critique. Moreover, the compact and sleek design will blow you away. 

In terms of visual appeal, this monitor has a Silver coating which looks stunning. The monitor is quite lightweight and can be moved or adjusted easily. 

Display Panel 

Now coming to the most important aspect, this Full HD (1920*1080) 22-inch IPS panel has great color reproduction and accuracy. 

You can enjoy movies or games with high pictures. Whether you are a gamer or photo/video editor, this monitor will meet your expectations. 

The optimal refresh rate on the panel is 60 Hz but 75 Hz can also be achieved while the response rate stands at 5ms. Because of a wide 178-degree view, you will have a better viewing experience.

With an Anti-glare Edge to edge panel, you can enjoy the maximized screen area even during daylight. The device has a Technicolor Color Certification, which ensures color accuracy for devices.

Additional Features 

With the help of AMD Freesync, you can synchronize your Graphics card to ensure there is no latency and eliminate screen tearing, or stuttering.

A blue light mode present in the display can subtly shift the colors to a warmer spectrum which may comfort your eyes in-between a long working session. 

For Connectivity the device uses a VGA HDMI connection. 

  • AMD Freesync
  • Blue light mode
  • Thin & Sleek
  • Inbuilt Speakers are no good
  • No USB port

2. LG 22 inch (55cm) IPS Monitor

Check Offer Price

LG is known for its high-quality and visually appealing display panels, and this is undoubtedly one of the Best Monitors under 10000 that you can buy in India.

Best monitor under 10000

Build Quality

With premium material used in the monitor, the device not only looks attractive but is also quite durable for long term use. The all-Black look makes it more intense and gamer-friendly with an aesthetically stunning arcline solid stand. 

Though this monitor can be used for multiple purposes, you can even mount the Monitor on the Wall for a better viewing experience. 

Display Panel

LG has done a great job in delivering such an amazing display panel at an affordable price. With a budget of Rs. 10000, you can have yourself a 22 inch Full HD IPS which delivers vivid colors. 

The preset refresh rate is upto 60 Hz but can be optimized for upto 75 Hz. It has a response time of 5 ms which ensures that colors are shifted fastly and you enjoy smoother gameplay. 

This display also has a 178-degree viewing angle. With smaller bezels on three sides, you can enjoy immersive visuals. Using the latest 4-screen split feature you can handle upto 4 different tasks at once. 

Improved Colour Vision algorithm ensures that you have the right and accurate colors on screen. 

Additional Feature 

LG monitor is equipped with AMD Free Sync which makes sure that you do not encounter lag and latency issues. During Dark scenes, Black Stabilizer kicks in and enhances the scenes to give users better visibility. 

With Flicker-Free technology and reading mode, you can save eyes from harmful blue light that causes damage. The OnScreen control allows you to manage and customize the display setting based upon your requirement. 

  • AMD Freesync
  • Black Stabilizer
  • Picture Quality
  • Aesthetics
  • Can’t adjust heights

3. Samsung 24 inch (60.4 cm) IPS

Check Offer Price

Samsung already has a place in the Indian consumer electronics segment. Their LED panels are known for stunning visuals with accurate details. 

Best monitor under 10000

Build Quality 

The whole monitor has a premium built with a matte finish which makes it look fantastic. The design of the monitor will go along with any type of setup i.e. Gaming, or Work-related. 

With a modern, slim, and minimalistic design the monitor is one of the Best monitors under 10000 Rs. 

You can carry this monitor around with ease as it is quite lightweight. The slim Y-shaped stand feels solid and rigid, you can adjust the direction of the monitor as it suits you.  

Display Panel 

The color reproduction on the monitor is solid. You can feel the color popping out the screen when consuming content at Full HD (1920*1080) resolution on a 24-inch Bezel-less screen.

This monitor is suited for all types of work and gaming given the fact you have a powerful CPU. Having an Integrated GPU does improve the performance and the quality reflected on the monitor. 

With a frame rate of 75 Hz, you can enjoy the smooth and fluid flow of pixels that result in flawless entertainment. 

Additional Features 

Having the AMD Radeon FreeSync helps you maintain a stable refresh rate which ensures reduced image tear and stutter. No matter how fast the action may get while playing a game, you will never face an interruption.

Once you turn on the default game mode and the ideal game settings kick in, you get a better image and color contrast that improves the overall visuals on the screen.

If you will be using the monitor for a long duration then the Eye Saver Mode may come in handy. It eliminates the harmful blue light that can reduce strain on the eyes.

  • AMD Freesync
  • High Response Rate
  • Eye Saver Mode
  • Picture Quality
  • No USB port
  • Less HDMI port


4. AOC 24B1XHS 23.8″

Check Offer Price

AOC is a Homegrown brand that has really made a difference in the complete segment. Their products at affordable pricing and premium quality are really grabbing consumer’s attention. 

AOC display

Build Quality

This monitor is quite appealing visually with a slim design (11.5 mm) and it does not lack quality and durability in any aspect when compared with Multinational brands.

It has a solid feel to it and can be used along with a stand or it can be mounted on the wall. The device is VESA compliant.

The monitor does not take much space on your table and is quite lightweight. 

Display Panel  

The monitor has a 23.8 inch IPS panel with 1080p resolution which reproduces rich and high-quality colors.

Whether you are watching a movie or playing games the images reproduced on the screen will satisfy your needs. With 250 nits brightness backed by the WLED backlight, you can have a great scope of visibility on the panel. 

You can enjoy upto 60 Hz of refresh rate that can ensure smooth gameplay and editing sessions but the response time of 7 Ms may disappoint many. 

No matter where you place the monitor, you will have a clear view because of 178-degree viewing angles. 

Additional Features 

AOC has not equipped many features in this IPS monitor that you can normally get in a monitor in this price range. It does have NVIDIA G sync or AMD Free sync features available, so if you are planning to buy this monitor you will be missing out on these functionalities. 

Even while watching movies, photos or playing games you may witness some flicker and drop in refresh rate. However, these flickers are negligible but these monitors are not best suited for professionals who are looking forward for a smoother experience. 

  • Bezel-Less Display
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Flickering
  • Slow Response Rate

5. Acer B227Q 21.5″ IPS 

Check Offer Price

Acer is a prominent brand in the Laptop segment, their Laptops are considered one of the best globally. This product does have a lot of offers which makes it one of the best LED monitors under 10000 in India. 

Acer monitor

Build Quality 

This monitor has a great Build quality that makes it stand out against the competition. The Zero-Frame Design, which is focused on edge to edge screen gives you precious screen space. 

Even the stand of the monitor is designed in a way that you can swivel, tilt, and pivot either up or down based upon your requirement. This comes in handy specially when you have a dual monitor setup in your work station.

With a built-in camera you can connect with your friends or attend calls and meetings on the go. 

Display Panel 

Acer offers you a 21.5-inch Full HD LED which can get as bright as 250 nits. With Advanced crustal formula for In-plane Switching (IPS), you can experience vivid and premium color performance with a wide viewing angle. 

The refresh rate of 75 Hz when combined with 4 ms response rate does an amazing performance in delivering smooth and stunning visual no matter what’s playing on your screen. 

Apart from that this monitor features 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which ensures that the darkest black and brightest white appear flawlessly on your panel and it supports up to 16.7 million colors.

Additional Features 

B227Q comes with AMD freesync, that means you can configure your GPU to work harmoniously with the monitor to eliminate latency and lags. 

Acer VisionCare takes care your eyes when you are in front of the monitor for a long time and reduces strain. 

You don’t need to reach out to the control setting to make changes but instead you can access the Acer Display widget and modify any setting you would like. 

  • Picture Quality
  • Build in Mic and Cam
  • AMD Freesync
  • Adjustable Stand
  • In-build Speakers are no good

6. LG 60.96 cm (24 inch) Gaming Monitor

Check Offer Price

LG does make Life Good by offering amazing products at affordable price.This monitor is one of the best Gaming monitors under 10000 that you can buy. 


Build Quality 

Overall build quality of this product is not the best as it has been in the market for a couple of years now but it is still study and durable. 

The sleek design of the monitor has a red color accent on the V-shaped stand. As a part of any gamers setup this monitor fits right in. 

This monitor is quite lightweight as well and you can use it for different purposes apart from gaming. 

Display Panel 

As a LG product, this monitor does not disappoint you in any way in terms of Picture quality. Whether you are using it for Working, Gaming, Editing, this monitor delivers spot-on colors. 

The 21.5 inch display may not have a bezel-less design but it can offer amazing levels of smoothness with 75 Hz refresh rate and a response rate of 5 ms. 

The Anti Reflective Matt Coating is effective and makes sure that direct light does not cause hindrance in your work. 

With wide 178 degree viewing angles allows you to take a look at a picture from any corner. 

Additional Features 

Having features like Dynamic action sync and AMD Freesync minimizes the input lag so the gameplay are more responsive and entertaining. 

Black stabilizer senses dark scenes and makes it brighter so that you have a better scope of visibility. There are multiple Preset gaming modes as well which can enhance the graphics and visual so that you can choose the one that suits your gameplay. For connectivity it has 1 VGA Port, 1 HDMI Port, 1 DisplayPort, 1 Audio-Out Port, 1 Headphone Port.

  • Picture Quality
  • Game mode
  • Thin Design
  • Build Quality
  • No vesa mount
  • Can’t be tilted

7. BenQ GW2480

Check Offer Price

BenQ is a brand based out in Taiwan which functions Globally. Their monitors are one of the best under 10000 that you can buy in India.   


Build Quality 

This monitor has surprised many in this segment. If you are looking for the best value for Rs. 10000 that you are spending then this one should be the one for you. 

It has a premium texture and build quality which looks sturdy and durable at the same time. The monitor has been designed in a way that it accommodates all the wires for a clean setup. 

This makes for a visually appealing panel with slim and thin bezel that is just breathtaking.

Display Panel 

In terms of the Display quality you can have yourself a treat. This 24 inch Full HD (1920*1080) panel that delivers bright and exquisite colors in any ambient light settings. 

With deeper black, authentic color, high contrast and sharper details you will have an amazing experience watching movies or playing games. 

It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz along with 5 ms response time which makes most of the action on the screen smooth and real. 

The monitor is also compatible with VESA wall mount standards so you can use them accordingly. With expansive horizontal and vertical viewing everyone sitting in the room can view the screen from different angles.

Additional Features 

This monitor does not support AMD freesync or related technologies but it manages smooth flow of pixel and colors without much latency. 

It does support multiple Eye-care technology which show BenQ’s intent to reduce harmful effects that can cause strain in your eyes.

Brightness Intelligent technology adapts the screen requirement and helps avoid brightness exposure. Similarly, by eliminating Blue Light and Flickering you BenQ ensures that the fatigue and vision damage is prevented. 

  • Picture Quality
  • VESA compatible
  • 2 HDMI
  • No AMD sync

8. Lenovo 54.6 cm (21.5 inch) Near Edgeless

Check Offer Price

Lenovo is undoubtedly one of the best brands when it comes to Computer hardwares. This monitor is one of the most affordable one that you can get from Dell. 

Lenovo India

Build Quality

This is a great looking Monitor with sturdy design and body that you get at a very affordable price. It is one of the best budget monitor under 10000 

The whole monitor is quite sleek and thin and does not take much space on your desk. Though the stand is a bit firm and shakes even on slight disturbance. 

If you are planning to buy a Monitor for casual gaming or mostly for professional purposes then it would fit right-in in your setup as well as your budget. 

Display Panel

The Quality display on the screen is optimal for most of the users. All colors pop accurately and vividly so your viewing experience is not compromised no matter what you do. 

With Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a 2mm thin bezel, the display is Near Edgeless as named by Lenovo. 

The 178/178 degree viewing angles and 4 ms response time expands your horizon of viewing and experiencing smooth flow of colors and pixels. 

Optimal refresh rate of the monitor stands at 60Hz but it can be maxed out to up to 75 Hz if you would like to do that during gameplay. 

Additional Features 

Advanced technology allows Lenovo to eliminate Blue light emission that may harm your eyes.. The monitor has the TÜV Low Blue Light certification and flicker-free display which works to reduce the strain on the eye. 

In order to reduce frame tearing or latency, the monitor is equipped with AMD Free sync which does an extraordinary job to achieve that. 

In terms of connectivity you have VGA, HDMI port available. 

  • Picture Quality
  • Can be tilted
  • Bluelight Filter
  • AMD Freesync
  • No USB port
  • Buttons controls


9. HP 22 inch(54.61 cm) Ultra-Slim

Check Offer Price

This is more of an affordable HP monitor than the one we discussed earlier and it offers great value to money. 

HP india

Build Quality 

The monitor looks very sleek and thin giving you ample space to move it around and renovate your space as you would like. 

Overall build quality is quite solid and sturdy. The whole monitor is tiltable allowing you to move it 5 degree forward or 20 degree backward as per your requirement. 

For adjusting the display settings the control buttons are placed on the bottom below the LED indicators. 

This monitor can be your primary display to play games or to watch video.

Display Panel 

The HP panel can get quite bright if the scenes demand it. Every little detail comes to life while using this 22 inch IPS panel. You are ensured of high quality pictures with accuracy. 

The dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 makes sure that the darkest black appears darker and the brightest white appears more whiter. 

With 60 Hz refresh rate on a 1920 x 1080 resolution you can have yourself a delight while playing games, watching movies, or even surfing through the internet. Everything appears smooth and seamless on such a quality panel. 

Though what may disappoint many is the slower response rate of 14 ms which may haul many users from buying this product.

Additional Features 

What makes other products stand out from this one is the fact that it does not support AMD Freesync or G sync functionalities available. 

Also, you may witness some flickering issue as the monitor does have any active Anti-flickering technology to counter that. 

However, you can save your eyes from Blue light with the help of “Low Blue Light” mode that makes the colors more warmer and softer. 

  • Build Quality
  • Design
  • Picture Quality
  • Response Rate
  • Flickering

Buying guide for a LED Monitor

There are plenty of things that you need to understand before you take a decision to buy one. We are here to help you answer the most important question that you may have in mind, “How to choose the best LED monitor?”

Well, this is not a piece of cake, but not that difficult to understand too. All you have to do is to demystify the technical terms, their use and impact. 

We will now discuss some of the most common terms that you come across while looking for LED monitors online. 

Display Quality

The foremost priority is to understand the quality of the panel by determining the resolution, refresh rate and response time of the panel.

  • Resolution: There is HD Ready (720p), Full HD (1080p), QHD (1440p) or UHD (2160p). Higher the resolution the higher the pixels and quality of the panel. 
  • Refresh Rate: Considering the refresh rate of the panel helps you access the smoothness of pixels flowing on your screen. A high refresh rate means a faster change of better experience is faced paced action on screen. 
  • Response Rate: It refers to the time taken by the panel to refresh the properties of each pixel. You can say that Response rate is the time taken by the color to be replaced by another color as and when demanded. 

Connectivity and Ports

Much of the decision depends upon the Display quality but the connectivity options like no. of ports also play a huge role in determining the best Monitor for your use. 

All you have to do is make sure that it has enough HDMI, VGA, or USB ports as you may require. We have tried to mention these details in our review for your better understanding. 


What I meant by flexibility is, the ability of the monitor to move, tilt, or swivel that way you would like it to for better viewing angles. 

Not many monitors priced under Rs. 10,000 has this advantage. So if this is something that concerns you then do check out the specification details. 

Frequently Asked Question 

1. Which monitor is best for gaming under Rs. 10000?

You can confidently pick among any of these Top three gaming monitor under Rs. 10,000 in India:

2. Which is the best monitor for money?

Lenovo (21.5 inch)Near Edgeless is one of the best monitors under Rs. 10000 that has best value to money. 

3. Is 75 Hz good for gaming?

Yes, 75 Hz is more than enough for gameplay, in fact for most games 60 Hz is also fine. You won’t face any issues or hindrance during your gameplay if using a Full HD panel. 

4. What is AMD Freesync?

With the help of AMD Freesync, the graphics card is synchronized with the frame rate of the monitor so that it works to eliminate Latency, screen tearing and stuttering.  


Here we will conclude this list of the Best monitor under 10000. All the monitors that we have discussed till now offer great value and performance. 

At GoGetUpdated, we also promote usage health and safety concerns. So make sure that the monitor you are buying may not cause any ill effect on your eyes or health. 

Many Brands have taken the initiative to reduce eye strain through technology and Blue light filter. Hence, we would recommend buying one of those if you will be spending much time on the screen. 

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