Best Home Theatres Speaker system under 5000 (5.1 & 2.1)

Best Home theatre under 5000

You have arrived at your destination if looking for Best Home Theatres Speaker System Under 5000 in India!

While watching movies on Large LED TV, the combination of Audio and visuals determines the quality of experience you can have. 

In fact, in some cases, the sound quality can be an area of concern if you are just relying on a TV speaker. Many manufacturers do not have high-end speakers that can provide you an immersive experience.

And trust me, you would not want to watch movies on a poorly equipped Television speaker.

The most common solution to this problem is buying a Home Theater speaker system that can drastically improve the sound quality that you experience. Some of the best 2.1 speakers are mentioned here.

But after spending on television, one can be hardly convinced to buy a Home theater just for the sake of Audio. But the fact is that these Home theater speakers do not cost much and can be bought well under a budget of Rs. 5000

Such Home theaters speakers are not the premium with best in class sound quality but they offer great value to the buyers, especially when they are looking to replace their Television Audio system. 

Based upon extensive research about the sound quality and overall performance we have curated this list of the Best Home Theater Speaker system under 5000. The list below includes Home theaters with different Audio channels including 5.1, 4.1,&  2.1 setups.

So without any further ado. 

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Which are the Best Home Theatre Speaker systems under 5000 in India?

1. Philips SPA5162B 5.1

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Philips is considered a pioneer in Consumer electronics globally. Their presence in the Indian market with reliable products have made them a market leader in many segments over the years. 

The SPA5162B is a Home theater with 5.1 channels that does a great job in overall performance.

Phillips Speaker

Design (9/10)

This Philips Home theatre looks stylish with a black matte design. The same design is followed on both the subwoofers and satellite speakers. 

On the front, you will find the Display on the top with an orange LED and all the control buttons placed underneath it. You can change tracks, volume levels, and source keys to control your music. 

However, you don’t have to reach out for the control buttons very often as you can take control of the Home theatre using the Remote control

With USB ports and SD card slots, you can connect external peripherals to play music directly on the Home Theater. 

Even the build quality of the Speakers are quite solid and durable. Though the Home theaters are not supposed to be carried from one place to another but they are quite lightweight. 

Sound (8/10)

Philips SPA5162B  is a 5.1 Home theatre with a Total sound output of 60 Watts. The device does have other siblings with 45W, 90W, and 120W power output. 

This Home theatre has a 5 x 6W satellite speaker along with the powerful 30W RMS subwoofer. 

With powerful audio output, this device delivers fantastic sound quality without and distortions at high volume levels. 

Once you place these satellite speakers in place while watching a movie they can create an immersive sound quality. 

Every beat of the sound and dialogues is delivered crystal clear clarity. While listening to songs, thumping bass can be experienced. 

However, sound quality can be compromised a bit if you are connected via Bluetooth connection.

Connectivity & Features

The home theatre has a 3-inch Satellite speaker with 5.25-inch Subwoofer. Even the subwoofers can be adjusted using the remote control. 

You will have wireless connectivity options using Bluetooth. The Home theatre can also be connected with AUX cable for sound output. 

Other options include USB (upto 16GB) and SD Card reader.  

  • Design Language
  • Powerful Subwoofer
  • Remote control
  • USB up to 16 GB only

2. F&D F3800X 5.1

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F&D or Fenda Audio is a manufacturer of Audio equipment and components which was launched in 2005.

This product from F3800X is a Home theatre with a 5.1 channel that has received great customer feedback since its launch. 

F&D Best Home Theatres Speaker System Under 5000

Design (9/10)

This F&D device is made up of a combination of matte and glossy black material with a curvy design that looks appealing and attractive at the same time.

The plastic material used to build the body of the Home theatre is rigid yet lightweight.

What makes it more appealing is the multicolored LED which complements your mood whether you are watching a movie or listening to songs. 

The dialer-like design on the front consists of control buttons that allow you to take control of your sound system. While on its center, you can find a white LED Display which lets you have a clear view of all the functions from any direction. 

This Home theatre comes with a remote control that has numeric keys that lets you switch between soundtracks and FM channels. 

Sound (9/10)

The sound quality of F&D devices is up to the mark as they offer great value for money, sometimes exceeding the expectations as well. 

With a 3-inch Full range driver and 5.25-inch bass driver for the subwoofer, you will experience crystal clear sound quality. 

While watching movies or Television you witness surround sound quality once all the satellite speakers are in place. 

Even the Bass of the device is enough to pump up an important scene on the television. Each satellite speaker’s volume can be adjusted as per your requirement. 

This device does give big brands a run for their money. Many products found in the market with much higher price tags can fail when compared with F&D F3800X 5.1 home theatre. 

Connectivity & Features 

The device has Digital FM technology which lets it save upto 100 FM stations so that you can switch between them as needed. 

With Bluetooth 4.0 you can connect your devices to access music remotely within a short-range. 

Also, USB devices like Pendrives can be connected directly to the Home theatre while using the SD Card slot music can be accessed.

  • Build Quality
  • Sound
  • Easy to use remote
  • Bluetooth
  • Bass can be improved

3. Zebronics BT6860RUCF 5.1

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Zebronics was founded in 1997 and is one of the Multimedia Speakers and IT Peripherals manufacturing brands in India. 

This Home theatre speaker from Zebronics is one of the best mid-range speakers that you can get in the market. 

Zebronics Home theatre

Design (9/10)

Zebronics has ensured that the device does not comprise in terms of build quality. Though it is not one of the best-looking designs, still the minimalism of the Home theatre makes it appealing. 

This Home theatre is quite durable and appropriate for long term usability. 

The device weighs 4.1 Kgs, including the subwoofers and satellite speakers. 

Easy controls laid on the front including a Dialer and button, it gets quite easy for you to take control of your music. 

The bright Orange LED helps you check the current function and volume levels.

You will also get a responsive remote control which lets you stay back and relax on your couch.

Sound (8/10)

Zebronics BT6860RUCF is a stylish 5.1 multimedia Home theatre that has a Total output power (RMS) of 70 watts which consists of a Subwoofer of 40W and 5 Satellite speakers of 6W.

Sound quality reproduced with the combination of these speakers is exceptional. After placing the speakers in the right direction and position, you would enjoy a surround sound experience. 

Even at higher volumes, the quality remains intact and you won’t notice any distortions of sound. 

Though while using the Bluetooth connection the sound volume may get slightly reduced which is negligent when compared with AUX output.

The Bass quality may not satisfy the need of a Bass lover but it’s decent enough for regular users.

Connectivity & Features

The speaker has a Fully functional FM capability through which you can tune into your favorite FM channels. You can also take control of the channels using the remote.

With support for Bluetooth and USB devices, you can play music using your smartphone or Pendrives.

Using the AUX cable you can connect the supported devices for better Audio quality.

Having an SD card port is also an advantage if anyone still uses those memory chips. 

  • Design and build quality
  • Performance
  • FM support
  • AUX
  • Bass can be improved

4. iBELL IBL2045DLX 5.1

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iBell is an Indian manufacturer based out of Kerala. They have specialised in Entertainment and Household appliances. 

They started operation in 2007 and rose to become one of Indian brands which focuses on delivery of quality products at affordable prices.

iBell Home theatre

Design (8/10)

Though the device is manufactured locally, the Home theatre looks compelling.

The build quality of Both satellite speakers and Subwoofer are solid and durable.

With Glossy black look, the Home theatre looks stylish. The curves and aggressive body makes it more elegant. 

The subwoofer has an Blue LED light that turns up when the device is plugged in.

iBell has also equipped a Display panel which reflects the key functions like Volume Levels, Music Track, Source etc. 

The device allows you to switch between 2.1 and 5.1 Audio channels. 

Using the dedicated remote you can take control of the device and switch between tracks and FM channels at your convenience. 

Sound (8/10)

The device does a decent job in overall sound reproduction. It has a 45 Watt Audio output capabilities. 

This home theatre has a subwoofer of 5.25 inch and 5 satellite speakers of 2.5 inch. 

When you are connected using an AUX or Bluetooth connection you will witness a sharp and crisp audio quality that speaks for itself. 

It is a 5.1 Multimedia device, which can also be used as a 2.1 speaker as and when required. 

Bass delivered from the speakers are not that punchy, but it does a decent job.

At this price point, this is one of the best Home theatre that you can buy in India.
Though the sound quality and bass can be improved, if iBell wants to be more competitive in this segment. 

Connectivity & Features 

Like the most of the speakers and Home theatre in this price range this one as well has a lot of connectivity features. 

You can connect your device like Laptops, Smartphones using the Bluetooth options. 

While when required you can connect the home theatre using the AUX options to your Television. 

iBell Home theatre also accommodates an USB and SD card slot which can help you play music wirelessly. 

  • Build Quality
  • Audio Output
  • FM
  • Bass can be improved

5. Philips SPA8140B/94 4.1

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Philips is one of the best brands you can rely on while buying a Home theatre in India. They have products ranging from Budget to high end and premium categories. 

SPA8140B/94 is a great Budget Home theatre that you can buy in India.

Best Home Theatres Speaker System Under 5000

Design (7/10)

The device has a simple and minimalistic design. This is not the area where this Philips device shines.

This Home theatre has an All black color design with a hint of Orange color. 

Philips is a brand you can trust in terms of durability, and even this product has a solid build quality.

Though the device is a bit heavy when compared with other home theatres in this price range as it weighs 6.7 Kgs

The front of the device is covered with a Mesh textured material. The digital display panel can be found behind that. 

However, the LED present on the display is not very bright but is visible from a distance.  

Sound (9/10)

The sound quality provided on this 4.1 Home theatre is just astonishing. 

You can enjoy high quality Audio while watching Movies and TV shows on your Television.

Once all the 4 satellite speakers are in place they create an immersive sound experience because of the powerful 50W sound output. At higher volume levels the sound quality remains intact.

Having this Home theatre can also be useful for having a party at your house. 

You will be really pleased with the Bass quality and you can control the bass using the knob present on the subwoofers. 

With balanced treble and clear mids, highs you will have a great overall experience.

Additional Features

The device has multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, SD Card and most importantly AUX.

You can adjust the Bass and Volume using the knob on the subwoofer. But it does not have any dedicated buttons on the speakers so you have to control the Home theatre using the remote control. 

  • Build Quality
  • AUX
  • Bass and Sound output
  • Remote control
  • Design
  • No Physical keys

6. F&D F380X 2.1

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F&D has some amazing products available in the market with great value to money. 

They are considered as one of the best budget speaker brands in India. F&D F380X has received great reviews on E-commerce platforms. 

F&D home theatre

Design (8/10)

F&D speakers do not lack stylish design and this product also follows that footstep. The speaker is completely built of plastic material that makes them portable and lightweight. The home theatre weighs around 4Kgs

The color combination of matte black and glossy black adds a nice finishing to the device. This Home theatre goes perfectly with your Television in your room.

On the subwoofer, the Blue LED light makes it look more funky while just above that you will find the display panel inside the circular dialer. 

The control buttons present on the dialer lets you change sound tracks and volume levels. 

Moreover, it also includes a Remote control which makes it easy to communicate with the Home theatre.

Sound (9/10)

This is a 2.1 Home theatre speaker from F&D with 54 Watt power output which is capable enough to deliver high end Audio. 

It has a 5.25” bass driver for 28W subwoofer and 13W×2 satellite speaker with 3″ full range driver. 

With this crystal clear Audio quality you can ensure that you enjoy every beat and dialogues clearly.

The bass response has an excellent delivery for a Home theatre in this price segment. If you are a bass lover you would definitely enjoy listening to music on this one. 

Connectivity & Features 

The device even has a NFC support that allows you Tap and Share to play music using your NFC enabled devices. 

With Bluetooth 4.0 you have a reliable, fast and strong connection with your smartphone. 

Using the memory card slot you can listen to your favourite playlist on loop. 

  • Design and Build
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • NFC support
  • Audio Output
  • Remote control
  • Nothing much to complain

7. Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210 2.1

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Infinity is a sub-brand of JBL, which is based out in America. They have pioneered in manufacturing Audio equipment including loudspeaker and headphones.

Hardrock 210 is an amazing performer loved by most of the consumers. 

Best Home Theatres Speaker System Under 5000

Design (8/10)

This Home Theatre from Infinity looks completely different from traditional Home theatre. 

It comes with a large and powerful subwoofer along with two satellite speakers. 

Though the device looks heavy and bulky it weighs just around 1 Kg

There are no display panel or control buttons present on them which makes the device user experience a bit harsh. 

However, this Home theatre is one of the best that you can get in India at this price point. 

The overall build quality of the Home theatre is quite durable and sturdy which makes it last for quite a long time. 

With the help of IR remote you can change volume levels, soundtracks, and select among 3 inbuilt modes

Sound (9/10)

This Home theatre has a 100W output which can fill every corner of your room with high quality sound. 

As it is a 2.1 Audio channel speaker, you cannot expect much of a surround sound speaker but these are perfect for the Parties. 

The Super-big wooden cabinet subwoofer delivers top-quality bass that will make your house thump.

No matter which type of content you are consuming, be it music, movies, or gaming, you can switch between the preset equalisers to achieve the best setting for exceptional audio quality. 

Connectivity & Features 

Apart from Wireless bluetooth streaming you can take control of the music directly from your smartphone. 

Also, you can use the AUX and USB connection to play songs on the speakers. 

  • Design
  • Lightweight
  • Remote control
  • Extreme Bass
  • Nothing much to complain!

8. LG – LK72B 2.1 

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LG is a multinational consumer electronics company based out in South Korea which has a great reputation among Indian consumers. 

The devices from LG offer a high value for money which has led to great customer feedback and responses. 

LG Home theatre

Design (8/10)

This Home theatre has a great durability and portability factor which makes it easy to carry it around and place it in any corner of your room. It only weighs 2.4 Kgs.

LK72B has a solid build quality along with a stylish design. 

The speaker has a Black and Red color tone which looks appealing and sporty.

On the Front, you will find the buttons placed on the top, right below the LED display.

LG has also provided a remote control that is amazingly perfect for the users to navigate through and perform certain actions. 

The Remote has separate Volume control for Bass levels as well. 

Sound (7/10)

LG – LK72B is a home theatre with 2.1 channel and has a great sound output of 40 W that generates high quality Audio. 

With the help of Bass Blast + you can enjoy clearer vocal and deep bass. 

Using the Advanced EQ you can adjust and customize the sound as per your preference. The Trebles are well balanced and the Speaker produces high pitched bass. 

These are one of the most valuable Home theatre that you can buy at an affordable price in the Indian market. 

Connectivity & Features 

You can enjoy wireless music on this device using the Bluetooth technology. 

This Home theatre is even wall mountable, so you can have a dedicated space for the speakers on the Wall near the TV. 

Additionally, this Device has Auto Power Down functionality which means it can turn off automatically when not in use for more than 15 minutes to save electricity. 

Also, you will have the option to connect Laptop, Ipad, Smartphone using AUX cable.
The SD cards slots and USB connectivity options are also available for the users to enjoy music wirelessly. 

  • Build quality
  • Design Language
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Wall mountable
  • Auto Power Down
  • Sound and Bass quality can be improved

9. Obage HT-303 2.1

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Obage is an Indian brand which makes high quality yet budget friendly devices for Indian consumers. 

HT-303 is an ideal 2.1 channel home theatre that can help experience great sound quality, it was launched in 2020.

Obage Home Theatre

Design (9/10)

The Home theatre has a wooden box design with black grills that looks quite interesting and appealing.

Just right above the grill you will find a small digital panel along with a couple of Keys.

However, these speakers are not lightweight at all as it weighs around 9 Kgs, which is a lot. 

Carrying these speakers from place to place won’t be a feasible option so you better place them in a particular position. 

On the back of the speakers you will find the Volume, Bass and treble controls as well. 

Moreover, you will find a dedicated remote control with numeric keys which can help you take complete control of your music. 

Sound (9/10)

Omage has two 3 Inch satellite speakers along with 5.25 Inch subwoofers. 

The total power output of this Home theatre is 50 Watts which can deliver amazing and crystal clear sound quality. 

This home theatre has a rich bass output with clear mids and clear high which makes it an ideal choice for bass lovers. 

To make the most of the speaker you can adjust Treble and Bass as per your requirement. 

When played at 100% volume level you may witness some sound distortions. 

Connectivity & Features 

This device also supports FM channels, so you can switch between the Stations as and when required. 

Other standard connectivity features remain the same like SD Card, Bluetooth, AUX, and USB. 

  • Wooden Design
  • Deep bass
  • FM channels
  • No Bass control on remote

10. iBall Tarang Classic 2.1

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iBall is an Indian brand based out of Mumbai and started operations in 2001. 

Tarang Classic is a 2.1 channel Home theatre which was launched in July 2019. 

Best Home Theatres Speaker System Under 5000

Design (9/10)

The overall look of this Home theatre is just stunning and appealing. With premium wood casing and real fabric cover the tonal quality brings a more richer feel to the music.

Both subwoofers and satellite speakers have nice touch and finish along with strong and durable built quality. 

All the keys are perfectly laid out on the top of the mesh. These buttons are quite tactile and responsive.

It also comes with a White LED panel on top of Black color display. Though the device looks bulky, it just weighs around 3Kg

You will also receive a dedicated remote control as well which brings the usability to your couch. 

Sound (9/10)

iBall has valuable products which offer great value to money and sound quality. 

The subwoofer has a 20W while the other 2 satellite speakers have a  10W power output. 

With a total output of 40W RMS you will experience some high pitched and crystal clear Audio. 

The sound quality is just perfect even at higher volume levels. It has astounding treble and thumping Bass. 

Using the remote control, Bass and treble can be fine tuned to pump up the movies and music. 

Watching movies, listening to music and even playing games can be a hell of an experience for you. 

Features & Connectivity 

The device has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 which lets you enjoy faster and stronger Bluetooth connection.

You also have the FM functionality which let you tune in to your favourite Station anywhere you want. 

The other connectivity options like SD and USB remain available.

  • Build Quality
  • Premium Sound quality
  • Rich Bass
  • No memory setting


All these devices have great usability and performance to offer. Based on your requirement you can make the best decision.
Not only the big brands are the best one to buy, with the help of our reviews and suggestions we hope that you will be able to make the best decision.

At GoGetUpdated, we also recommend our viewers use Audio equipment at adequate volumes levels, as these home theatres have heavy Audio output, it may cause a negative effect on our hearing ability.

Hope you found the content resourceful. If so, please comment below and let us know.

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