Best Home theatre under 10000 in India (5.1 & 2.1)

Best Home theatre under 10000

Are you a movie or music enthusiast looking to enhance your overall experience? You might have considered options like Speakers or Headphones, but what about a Home theatre for an ultimate Sound experience? We will today discuss some of the Best Home Theatre Under 10000 that you get your hands on.

You are about to make the right decision if you are considering buying one.

Why you should consider buying a Home theatre is the fact that most of the Television Audio output speakers are not up to the expectation of music lovers.

Though there are many brands and products available in the market which may cost you a fortune. 

But here we will be discussing some of the Mid-range Best Home Theatre Under 10000 that you can buy in India. 

These products have received great value to consumers and we have carefully examined the features, specifications, performance, other factors while curating this list of Top 10 Home Theatre.

So without any further ado. 

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Which is the Best Home theatre under 10000 in India?

ImageProduct Price
Philips in-SPA 5190B/94Check Offer Price
Sony SA-D40 4.1Check Offer Price
FD Best Home theatre<br />
F&D F3800X 5.1Check Offer Price
iBELL 2051DLX 5.1Check Offer Price
Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1Check Offer Price
Logitech Z623 THX 2.1Check Offer Price
Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1Check Offer Price
Panasonic HiFi SC-HT22GW-KCheck Offer Price
F&D T200X 70W 2.1Check Offer Price

1. Philips in-SPA 5190B/94 5.1 

Check Offer Price

Philips is one of the brands that you can rely on in India. They offer great customer value and products. 

SPA 5290B/94 is a 5.1 channel Home theatre that does a great job of delivering exceptional sound quality. 

Best Home Theatre Under 10000

Design (9/10)

This Home theatre has a modern design language that looks just stunning.

The shades of Black color used around the devices make it eye-catching. Both the Subwoofer and satellite speaker look similar in terms of design. 

It is made up of Plastic material along with Steel grills on the front which has a nice build quality and feels premium. 

This device is a bit heavy as it weighs around 9Kgs. It would be difficult to carry the Home theatre around so you better fix a position for the device near your television set.

There is a nice display panel on the subwoofer that accommodates a large orange LED light that is visible from a distance.

All the buttons are also perfectly placed below the display and the keys as well are quite tactile and responsive.

However, you can use the remote control to take control of your Entertainment system.

Sound (9/10)

This Home theatre with 5.1 channels creates an immersive sound experience for the users when it is placed in the right position. 

With 90W power output, you can boost up the volume without causing sound distortion. 

Using this Home theatre for watching movies, listening to music, or while playing games you will enjoy the crisp sound with clarity. 

With the help of DeepBASS Technology, you can hear the deepest and punchiest bass tones. 

You also have the flexibility to switch between 2.1 and 5.1 Audio channels as per your requirement. 

Overall, this speaker delivers a clear sound with nice instrument separation. 

Connectivity & Features

The Home theatre is Bluetooth enabled which is robust and energy-efficient for short-distance connectivity. 

Using the FM tuner you can tune into your favorite channels for listening to music or news. 

Moreover, you can use the USB and SD card to easily enjoy the convenience of accessing music and photos. 

  • Design Language
  • Bass Quality
  • IR Remote
  • FM tuner
  • Heavy and Bulky

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2. Sony SA-D40 4.1 

Check Offer Price

Sony is a market leader for Consumer electronics products in India. Though some of their products are a bit expensive. 

This Home theatre from Sony is a great Budget-friendly device that you can buy for your entertainment. 

Sony Best Home Theatre Under 10000

Design (9/10)

This Home theatre from Sony looks elegant and pleasing from every angle. It follows a simple and minimal design language. 

With a single color tone, you can ensure that the device is compatible with your room’s interior. 

The overall build quality of the device seems sturdy and durable with premium finishing around the body. 

However, this device lacks a digital display panel so it may get a bit confusing for you while using it. 

Though there are some physical keys present on the front that can be used to change tracks and volume

Rather than using the physical keys, you can also use the multi-function remote which is quite easy to use. 

Sound (9/10)

As expected from Sony Audio equipment, you will get a crystal clear sound quality.

You can place all four satellite speakers in a distance to enjoy an immersive experience. 

The overall sound output of the speaker is 80 Watt, out of which the subwoofer has 42W output capabilities. 

Apart from sound clarity, Sony has also delivered highly in terms of bass and treble with a 6.5-inch Subwoofer.

You can use the home theatre at maximum volume without causing any sound distortions.

Though there is no way to control the Bass, Mids, or Treble even with the remote. However, if you are connected via Bluetooth you can change the EQ setting on your mobile phone. 

Connectivity & Features 

You will get wireless Bluetooth connectivity options that let you enjoy songs using your smartphone.

The device has a USB port available that can be used to connect external storage devices to access songs. 

However, it lacks an SD card reader, which won’t be an issue for most of buyers. 

  • Stylish Design
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Bass and Sound output
  • No Controls for Bass and treble
  • Heavy

3. F&D F3800X 5.1

Check Offer Price

F&D or Fenda Audio is a manufacturer of Audio equipment and components which was launched in 2005.

This product from F3800X is a Home theatre with a 5.1 channel that has received great customer feedback since its launch.

FD Best Home theatre

Design (9/10)

This F&D device is made up of a combination of matte and glossy black material with a curvy design that looks appealing and attractive at the same time.

The plastic material used to build the body of the Home theatre is rigid yet lightweight.

What makes it more appealing is the multicolored LED which complements your mood whether you are watching a movie or listening to songs. 

The dialer-like design on the front consists of control buttons that allow you to take control of your sound system. While on its center, you can find a white LED Display which lets you have a clear view of all the functions from any direction. 

This Home theatre comes with a remote control that has numeric keys and lets you switch between soundtracks and FM channels. 

Sound (9/10)

The sound quality of F&D devices is up to the mark as they offer great value for money, sometimes exceeding the expectations as well. 

With a 3-inch Full range driver and a 5.25-inch bass driver for the subwoofer, you will experience crystal clear sound quality and punchy bass. 

While watching movies or Television you’ll witness surround sound quality once all the satellite speakers are in place. 

Even the Bass of the device is enough to pump up an important scene on the television. Each satellite speaker’s volume can be adjusted as per your requirement. 

This device does give big brands a run for their money. Many products found in the market with much higher price tags can fail when compared with F&D F3800X 5.1 home theatre. 

Connectivity & Features 

The device has Digital FM technology which lets it save upto 100 FM stations so that you can switch between them as needed. 

With Bluetooth 4.0 you can connect your devices to access music remotely within a short range. 

Also, USB devices like Pendrives can be connected directly to the Home theatre while using the SD Card slot music can be accessed.

  • Build Quality
  • Sound
  • Easy to use remote
  • Bluetooth
  • Bass can be improved

4. iBELL IBL2037BT 5.1

Check Offer Price

iBell is an Indian company that started operations in 2007. They have delivered some exceptional devices with great sound quality. 

IBL2037BT is a 5.1 Home theatre that first came into the market in 2017 and has received positive feedback from consumers. 

Design (9/10)

This Home theatre has a funky design with a Black and Blue color combination. 

You can place these speakers in your favorite room. The dimensions of satellite speakers are different though.

Three of the satellite speakers are a bit larger than the remaining two but it follows the same design language.

On the front of the subwoofer, you will find the volume knob and keys placed right below the display panel.

The orange LED light used in the device is quite bright and visible from a distance. 

You will also get a remote control that brings easy usability to the consumers.

Sound (8/10)

This 5.1 channel speaker has a powerful 140W power output which can deliver great sound quality. 

With a 6.5 inch Subwoofer of 50 Watts and 5 satellite speakers of 18W, 3 inches each can help you enjoy immersive sound with depth.

All this translates to a powerful set of speakers which can boost up the entertainment level in your house. 

Make sure you place the satellite speaker in the right position to get the most out of it. 

Even the bass of these speakers is heavy and does not feel artificial at all.

All vocals and instrumentations are loud and clearly audible no matter whether you are listening to songs or watching movies.

Connectivity & Features 

This Home theatre has Bluetooth 4.2 technology that is strong and reliable for easy accessibility. 

You can also tune into your favorite FM stereo channels for listening to songs and news. 

There are other connectivity options available as well such as USB, SD, MMC, and AUX functions. 

Along with the standard 1-year warranty, you will also get 6 months additional warranty upon free registration. 

  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • FM
  • Audio Output
  • Customer service is not upto the mark

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5. Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1

Check Offer Price

Philips is a famous Home appliance manufacturer in India with high quality and reliable products. 

SPA8000B is a 5.1 multimedia speaker which does a great job in overall performance. 

Home Theatre Under 10000

Design (9/10)

The Home theatre has a modern design which most of us would find interesting and appealing. 

With a Solid and shiny black color combination, you will find the Home theatre suitable for every type of room.
The build quality of the device feels premium and sturdy. You can rely on these Home theatres for the long term.

Though it is a bit bulky so it may get difficult to move around from one place to another. It weighs around 11Kgs in total. 

The subwoofer of the Home theatre comes with a bright and colorful LED Display that is surrounded by High quality and responsive keys to Change tracks, volume levels,

or Audio sources. 

It also comes with a Remote control which can be used to take control of the device. 

Sound (9/10)

Philips SPA8000B has a total power output of 120 Watts which creates an extraordinary music listening experience. 

As there are 5 satellite speakers available, you can place them in different directions to create an immersive sound experience. 

You can enjoy crystal clear sound quality with powerful bass notes and clean vocals.

However, even at higher volume levels, you won’t find any sound distortion but the bass may overpower the highs. 

It can be managed and changed at your convenience to suit the best settings. 

Overall sound quality is above par at this price point. This can be considered as one of the Best Home Theatre Under 10000 to buy in India.

Connectivity & Features

It has FM connectivity options that let you take control of your favorite Radio channels.

Similarly, there are multiple options for connectivity, so you can change the Audio source as and when required. 

There are wireless streaming options like Bluetooth which can be used for connectivity. 

While on the other hand USB and SD card storage are other options that you can rely on for playing music. 

  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Performance
  • FM tuner
  • Heavy and Bulky

6. Logitech Z623 THX 2.1 

Check Offer Price

Logitech is an American manufacturer which is known for computer peripherals and software. 

They have also launched various consumer electronics products including Home theatres. 

Logitech Z623

Design (8/10)

There is nothing to say about the design of the speaker as the subwoofer follows a simple box-type design with grills on front. 

On the other hand the fairly small Satellite speakers have a rectangular design that can be placed Horizontally

You will find the controls as well on one of the Satellite speakers that includes a Power, Volume, and Bass button. 

The overall build quality is up to the mark as it is made up of portable and durable material. 

This Home theatre is quite lightweight as well and can be carried from one place to another. It only weighs around 1 Kg

However, this device does lack a LED display panel and remote control that could have improved the user experience. 

Sound (9/10)

The overall sound quality of this device is just exceptional. Logitech’s Home theatre does a great job in sound reproduction.

It is capable of producing up to 400 Watt peak power or 200 Watt RMS power which is more than enough to enjoy an immersive sound experience. 

You can enjoy Bold sound quality even in large spaces without any distortions. The 130 Watt subwoofer is THX certified

The Device is also equipped with a 3.5mm jack which can be used for connecting headphones.

Logitech Z623 is a traditional Home theater that focuses on delivering better sound quality than offering unnecessary features. 

This is one of the Best sounding Home theatres that you can buy in India for under Rs. 10000. 

Connectivity & Features 

This Home theatre has a versatile Audio setup that lets you connect multiple inputs at once including 3.5mm and RCA inputs

All the compatible devices can be connected at once so that you can switch the Audio source seamlessly. However, it does not support Bluetooth, USB, or SD card readers.

These devices are meant to last longer than most of the Home theaters and come with a 2-year warranty.

  • Simple Design
  • Lightweight
  • Audio Output
  • Powerful Bass
  • No USB
  • Bluetooth or SD card reader
  • No Display port

7. Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1

Check Offer Price

Philips is a Dutch multinational company currently headquartered in Amsterdam.

Their Audio equipment is of top class and MMS8085B/94 has received great feedback from the consumers. 

Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1

Design (9/10)

This Home theatre with modern design and aesthetics looks quite appealing and attractive. 

With all-black design language, the device can easily blend in with your room’s interior. 

The Subwoofer has a nice touch and finish which makes it look premium. All the controls are placed on the Top which includes responsive and tactile buttons. 

As there is no Display panel, you will find an LED indicator that lets you know which source you are using to play Audio. 

The satellite speaker has a unique design that allows you to connect them magnetically so that it can be used as a Soundbar.

Philips has also included a Remote which allows you to take control of the Home Theatre/Soundbar from the comfort of your couch. 

However, this device is a bit heavy and weighs around 9KGs

Sound (9/10)

The device has a total output of 80 Watt which is adequate considering it has 2.1 channels. 

You can enjoy crystal clear sound and an immersive experience. This speaker really surprises you in terms of overall performance.

It has the capability to deliver thumping bass which lets you groove on every beat. 

The most surprising element of this Home theatre is that it can be converted into a Soundbar

So no matter which type of content you are consuming like watching movies or playing games on your console. You will enjoy every moment with this Home theatre. 

Connectivity & Features 

The device has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming so that you can play music using any Bluetooth-enabled device. 

You can easily switch between a Home theatre and Soundbar as and when required. 

The Home theatre has AUX connectivity for wired music. And using USB storage you can play your favorite tracks directly on the speaker. 

Also, there is an SD card slot available if anyone still stores their music in memory cards. 

  • Sound Quality
  • Great Aesthetics
  • Nice Design and Build Quality
  • Convertible Design
  • Only 2 drivers available

8. Panasonic HiFi SC-HT30 2.1 

Check Offer Price 

Panasonic is an Japanese consumer electronic manufacturer that was founded in 1918

They have multiple products that have been recognized as one of the best in the Audio equipment segment.

Panasonic HiFi SC-HT30 2.1

Display (9/10)

HT30 has an elegant design that looks stunning and appealing with black color design.

The speaker has a wall mount design as well for over the head sound. Overall build quality is sturdy and lightweight that makes it easy to carry around. 

The front grills are perfect and adds a better feel and look to the overall design. 

There is a Blue LED light present on the Subwoofer along with Tactile and responsive keys for easy control. 

It also comes with an easy to use remote control which lets you change Volume levels, Music tracks, but there is no control for Bass or Treble but you can switch between the preset EQ settings. 

Sound (8/10)

This is a 2.1 multimedia channel that has a great sound performance with 80 Watts Audio. The Speaker is perfectly suitable for Small and Medium sized rooms. 

The subwoofer has 50W capabilities while the satellite speakers have (15 x 2) 30W output. 

As expected from Philips the sound quality of these Home theatres is just extraordinary. You will enjoy high quality sound and thumping Bass followed by crystal clear vocals. 

If you are a Bass lover and like listening to EDMs with powerful beats then you will for sure love these speakers. 

Even at higher volume levels you won’t feel any type of distortions with these speakers. 

Connectivity & Features 

This home theatre from Philips has multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth that allows for wireless streaming. 

You can also connect your External storage device like USB for easy accessibility. 

However, there is no SD Card reader available. 

9. F&D t-200x TV 2.1 

Check Offer Price

F&D speakers are one of a kind as they deliver high quality products. They are a market leader for budget friendly devices in India. 

T-200x is a powerful 2.1 multimedia channel speaker which delivers extraordinary performance.

F&D t-200x TV 2.1

Design (9/10)

This F&D home theatre looks one of kind with dual grill subwoofer design with colorful LED illustrations. These Home theatres look appealing and attractive at the same time.

Even the build quality of the device is sturdy and feels premium

The control buttons sit between the grills along with high contrast and easy to read Digital display. 

With the subwoofer you will get two tower speakers which can be used separately or can be converted as a sound bar to appropriately fit under your TV.

Using the fully functional remote control that has numeric controls, you can switch between favorite channels and music on the go. 

However, the device is lightweight and can be easily carried around. It weighs only 3.4 Kgs in total. 

Sound (9/10)

F&D does a great job in delivering high quality sound. You’ll get an overall sound output of 70W

The satellite speakers have a 2” inch Full range driver with a output of 17.5 W each while the  subwoofer has 8” inch driver along with 25W power output. 

This Home theatre delivers clear highs and mids. You can control the Bass and treble using the knob present on the back of the subwoofer

The speakers can deliver high quality Bass which may satisfy most of the listeners. But you may not completely be satisfied as a Bass lover. 

Even while listening to music at higher volume levels you may not witness any distortion or hissings. 

Connectivity & Features 

The speaker can store up to 100 FM stations which can be tuned into when required. 

While for the connectivity option you can rely on Wireless Bluetooth streaming. 

Even there is an RCA input option available which can be used to plug into the TV and DVD player. 

While all the other connectivity options like; AUX-in, SD Card reader and USB, remain the same.

  • Design and Build Quality
  • FM tuner
  • RCA input
  • Convertible in soundbar
  • Bass & Treble control only on the back


Hope you found out the best Home theatre under 10000 that suits your requirements and budget. Though if you still have any doubts regarding the buying process then let us know in the comment section below.

At GoGetUpdated, we are committed to bringing you unbiased product reviews and suggestions.

Thank you for reading.


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