Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 in India 2021

Best Gaming Headphone under 3000

Buying Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in India can be the best investment you could make to improve your gaming skills as a Gamer. 

There are plenty of professional gaming headsets in the market but as a beginner buying a headphone under Rs. 3000 in India will be the most suitable.

We have discussed the best-rated, quality products that have received great customer feedback and also offer great value to the users.

Having a headphone with the best in class sound can really help you to up your “gaming game”.

We have researched and gathered information on many headphones available in the market and finally concluded with these headphones, as the Top 7 Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 available in India.

So without any further ado.

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What’s the difference between gaming and normal headphones?

There are many differentiating factors that make both of these headphones alike. To make things simple we can say that, 

A normal headphone used by Audiophiles for listening to music is the one that has a better reproduction of frequencies. These headphones focus on delivering ultimate Audio clarity and bass. 

On the other hand, in Gaming headphone Audio clarity and bass are not the priority. These headphones emphasize on Build and Microphone quality. Moreover, you get in-house software for tuning and personalization.

Which is the Best Gaming Headphone in India under 3000 2021?

1. Cosmic Byte GS410

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Cosmic Bytes being an Indian brand does offer some of the best quality products at affordable prices.

You can buy one with the best in class features and performance. But the company lacks promising customer service. 

There are multiple variants with different colors and styles, for you to choose from. 

Driver Unit40mm Driver
Frequency Range15 Hz- 20,000Hz
Weight360 grams
Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000

The headphone has a dual-tone scheme with a Black and Blue color combination on the plastic material body.

With comfortable and soft earcups present, this headphone does not feel heavy on your ears.  

The adjustable and padded head-pad hinge lets you select the most appropriate position as per your head size. 

The smart in-line control present on the headphone allows easy accessibility to change volume and to mute the microphone. 

Though, this headphone is best suited to gamers, you can still use it for listening to music. 

With a precision sound delivery system, you would enjoy crisp and clear details from the games, so that you are aware of your surrounding.

Even the Bass reproduction is more than enough for a gaming headset at this price. 

As the headphone uses a 3.5mm audio jack, there’s no latency issues or delays that helps you make quick action during gameplay. 

The powerful driver equipped by Cosmic Bytes in this headphone creates a well-balanced mids, high and lows.  

With a flexible microphone, you can adjust the exact positioning. These headphones capture sound with high sensitivity and without causing any distortions.

While playing games online with your friends or team members, the communication and strategy building process is eased because of the amazing quality of microphone. 

This is the most valuable and the Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in India. 

  • Sound Quality
  • Value to money
  • Build Quality
  • Microphone precision
  • Bass
  • No in-house Software
  • No Memory foam cushions
  • No RGB

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2. EKSA E3000

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EKSA is a reputed gaming and accessories manufacturing company that is based out in China. 

This model, E3000 was launched in Sept 2019 and has received positive feedback from the consumer globally.

Driver Unit50mm Driver
Frequency Range20 Hz- 20,000Hz
Weight540 grams
Best gaming headset

The black color tone with RGB lighting on this headphone looks sporty, stylish, and attractive. 

This headphone is quite comfortable as it has soft over-ear earmuffs made up of memory foam which provides cushioning to your ears. 

With an adjustable headband, this headphone will provide you an ultra-comfortable wearing experience. 

Because of the bionic protein cover on this headphone, you can effectively keep your ears at bay from discomfort. 

This headphone is so lightweight that you will completely forget about it laying on your head while playing games.

With the in-line control, you can mute the microphone and change volume levels without disturbing your game-play. 

EKSA gaming headset has a powerful 50mm magnetic neodymium driver which reproduces better and improved sound quality. 

To enhance the gaming experience this headphone offers stereo surround sound with a wide frequency range. 

It also ensures that rich accurate sound is reproduced that goes directly in your ears through closed ear muffs. 

Buying this headphone for gaming would ensure that your skills as a gamer are also enhanced. 

The high-quality microphone equipped in this headphone does a great job of eliminating ambient noises that allows you to communicate seamlessly. 

As this headphone uses 3.5 mm Jack you won’t face any signal distortion.

This headphone supports and works on all kinds of gaming console which has the 3.5 mm port available or has a USB connectivity. 

The cable used here is 2.2 meters long and extremely durable for rugged use.

  • Design
  • RGB lighting
  • Premium Design
  • Looks and feel
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Noise cancellation on the mic
  • Mic quality can be improved
  • No PC software


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ZEBRONICS has mastered itself in manufacturing premium quality products at an affordable price. 

Orion is a gaming headphone launched by the company which promises to fulfil every gamer’s expectation.

Driver Unit40mm Driver
Frequency Range20 Hz- 20,000Hz
Weight850 grams
Best gaming headphone

With metallic ear cups and RGB lighting, this headphone looks funky. But the overall build quality feels premium and not cheap at all. 

The comfortable ear cushion lets you enjoy high-quality gaming experiences for a longer duration. 

You can also make adjustments in the padded headband which makes it more comfortable to use. 

Moreover, the RGB lighting of this headphone makes it look more gaming like and gives you that feel. 

The in-line output button has multiple keys present on the headphone which includes Volume, Mic Mute, Audio Mute, and RGB.

With a 40 mm driver size, this headphone is capable enough to deliver sound and bass with balance and accuracy. 

You will enjoy all levels of frequencies with adequate High, Lows, and Mids that would make a difference in your listening and gaming experience. 

These headphones are also capable to stimulate 7.1 virtual surround sound which makes for an immersive experience.

Having an immersive experience, especially while gaming, makes you completely dive into the action for real. 

Though like most of the gaming headphones, this one as well lacks that thumping and punchy bass that a normal headphone offers. But you won’t be disappointed by the performance.

The flexible microphone allows you to adjust it at the utmost & convenient position from your head so that it could capture your voice easily.

Through noise cancellation on the microphone, it can eliminate background noises to reach the person on the other end. 

For more personalization and customization you can download the Zebronics Software on PC which could let you tweak settings as required and this is one of the Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in India.

  • Design and Build Quality
  • Performance
  • RGB lighting
  • PC Software
  • Virtual Surround sound
  • Bass can be improved
  • A bit bulky

4. Cosmic Byte H1 

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Cosmic Byte is an Indian brand, and this particular product, H1 has amazing performance and quality.

Their product has garnered a lot of reputation in the gaming peripherals market because of their quality products.

Driver Unit40mm Driver
Frequency Range15 Hz- 20,000Hz
Weight390 grams
Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000

This headphone is built of a plastic material body which does not feel cheap but has an eye-catching design. 

The headphone is available in multiple color variants so that you can pick the one in your favorite color. 

Cosmic Byte H1 uses faux leather on the headphone which is soft and comfortable for long term usability.

As a Gamer, you may spend more than a couple of hours playing competitive online games. Hence, you cannot compromise with the comfort level.

The over-ear headband is also padded with the same soft cushion. Also, you can change the position of the adjustable slider for optimum comfort.

Through the in-line control, you can manage volume levels and mute the headphone when required. 

With the in-house 40 mm driver which is responsible for sound reproduction, you will get an exceptional performance that you can expect at this price. 

Even though this is a gaming headphone, you would enjoy high-quality sound while listening to music or watching movies. 

All frequencies are perfectly transferred to the Gaming headset while maintaining treble and bass accuracy. 

You can game for hours online, as the immersive gaming experience will keep you charged up. 

Through powerful gaming headphones, one could sharpen their gaming skill, and buying this does help you achieve that. 

The microphone present on this headphone offers amazing sound clarity without any distortions and disturbance.

You can communicate with your friends, team members, or use this headphone to record sound.  

However, the thing that this headphone lacks is a powerful software that could have allowed you to make changes in equalizer and preset settings. 

  • Sound
  • Performance
  • Microphone
  • Design
  • No PC software
  • No RGB

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5. Corsair HS35

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Corsair is an American computer peripheral manufacturer which has some outstanding products available in India as well. 

HS35 was launched in August 2019 and it has received amazing feedback from the customers. This headphone is available in multiple color combinations. 

Driver Unit50mm Driver
Frequency Range20 Hz- 20,000Hz
Weight481 grams
Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000

With solid and sturdy build quality this headphone is quite durable and rigid. Once you put them on you will feel comfortable for long durations. 

The headphone uses a soft plush memory foam on the ear cups for comfortable wear while playing games. 

With adjustable ear cups one can make changes to form a perfect alignment with your head.

This gaming headphone weighs 481 grams which is a bit heavy but that’s because of the strong and durable materials used in the headset.

With on-ear volume and mute buttons, you can easily access them to make adjustments as required.

The detachable design of the microphone allows you to take it out while using the headphone for normal purpose. 

Corsair HS35 is a stereo gaming headset which uses a custom built 50 mm neodymium driver which reproduces high quality sound with detailings. 

Audio quality is of utmost importance in a gaming headset, as it keeps you ahead of your enemies and opponents. 

Even slightest sound details cannot be missed, and with this headphone you can hear every footstep from a suitable distance to eliminate the danger! 

For online competitive gaming, this headset is a great pick. It can help you sharpen your gaming skills!

The overall sound is very well balanced along with the punchy and powerful bass. You will enjoy this pair of headphones while playing games, listening to music, or even watching movies. 

The microphone quality is amazing, though it does not have any noise cancellation feature, it can still manage to eliminate ambient noises. 

However, this headphone does not come with any particular PC software to enhance the sound and equaliser settings. 

  • Design and Build Quality
  • Performance
  • Sound and Bass
  • Powerful Drivers
  • Microphone
  • No Noise cancellation on mic
  • No RGB
  • No Software tuning

6. Adcom Vision 

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Adcom is an Indian brand which is focusing on creating high quality products at affordable prices for Indian consumers. 

They understand what Indian customers need and want. Therefore, Adcom Vision comes into the picture.

Driver Unit50mm Driver
Frequency Range20 Hz- 20,000Hz
Weight274 grams

This uniquely designed headphone has amazing build quality which looks promising and elegant. 

With a leather padded cushion headset, you will have the utmost comfort. The closed space design also allows passive noise cancellation for an immersive experience

The fancy amber lighting on the headset makes it more attractive while gaming.

Wearing this headphone for a long duration won’t be an issue. You will get a leather strap on your headphones which will allow you to fit your head properly.

The design line follows a rough and tough look which goes along with most of the gamers.

However, there is no in-line control present on the headphone. So you will need to reach out to the connected device to make changes in volume levels or to mute the Audio. 

The microphone present on the headphone does not offer the best-in-class performance but it can get the job done.

You can adjust the microphone as per your convenience as it has omnidirectional noise reduction technology.  

With 7.1 virtual surround sound features you will enjoy high quality Audio and immersive experience. 

When combined with an advanced 50 mm hi-fi white magnet bass driver you will experience improved sound quality and performance.

You will never miss a beat while using the headphones for gaming. For best gaming experience sound quality is a must. 

This headphone is universally compatible with all kinds of gaming devices including PC, Laptop, or Gaming console like PS4, Xbox.

You won’t regret buying this headphone for gaming. However, you may have to sacrifice a bit on the microphone’s quality. 

  • Build quality
  • Sound
  • Stainless Steel
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Mic is a bit short
  • No RGB lighting

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7. EKSA E900 Pro

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These headphones are best suited for gaming but even for the purpose of listening to music they offer good value to the customers. EKSA E900 is an over-ear headphone that uses a 3.5 mm jack.

Driver Unit50mm Driver
Frequency Range20 Hz- 20,000Hz
Weight250 grams
Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

This headphone has a rugged design and solid build quality which makes it quite appealing and more gaming like. 

The Black and red color tone of this headphone gives you a feel of a gamer. 

Along with sturdy construction, this headphone has adjustable metal headbands. 

The thick memory foam cushion pads provide comfort to the ear with a perfect fit. 

This headphone is quite durable and portable, you can use them for the long term gaming on the go. 

EKSA E900 is equipped with 50 mm drivers through which it creates Audio with amazing clarity, high treble levels, and balanced mids, highs. You will enjoy games, music, and movies with this headphone by your side.

While using this headphone on your PC, you can enable the surround sound 7.1 features which creates a much more immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, this headphone features Noise cancellation on the microphone through which background noises can be eliminated and you can freely communicate with your allies or rivals. 

You can hear every detail of your surroundings in the game so that you are ahead of your enemy.

Apart from the Headphone’s Built quality, Sound, Bass, and Noise-canceling Microphone. You will also get an easy to use keys which can help you adjust volumes and through one key mute switch, the microphone can be disabled. 

Multi-platform compatibility lets you connect this headset with any device supporting 3.5 mm Jack or USB connectivity.

  • High quality
  • Sound, Bass
  • Mic Quality
  • Design
  • Nothing much to complain!

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These headphones mentioned above are the best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 in India. If this is the first time you are buying a gaming headphone then you’ll be more than satisfied.

However, if you are reading this, then we would like to take this opportunity to also inform you that playing games for a longer duration continuously can affect your ears.

So make sure buying a headphone does not have any severe effect on your health.

Thank you for Reading!

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