Best 2.1 speakers system in India

Are you looking for the Best 2.1 Speakers System that suits your budget? There are various Home theatres available in the market that can provide high-quality performance and Audio output to help you set up a home entertainment system. 

But before we take a look at some of the top 2.1 speakers, let’s begin by understanding what 2.1 speakers are. 

What is a 2.1 speaker?

The 2.1 speaker consists of Satellite speakers and a subwoofer that aligns to deliver quality audio with punchy bass. Investing in a 2.1 speaker comes with multiple benefits, as you can enjoy watching movies, listening to music, or even playing games to the full extent. 

These speakers can be connected with smartphones, Laptops, PC, or Television easily, but wireless connectivity might not be available in every one of them. 

On most of the 2.1 speakers, the control buttons are placed on the satellite speaker or Subwoofer, while some also include a Remote control. 

These 2.1 speakers are an inexpensive option compared to 5.1 channel speakers, so you need to make sure that you get the best one to make the most out of your purchase. 

Here we have listed some of the best quality speakers that you could buy regardless of your budget to make things easier for you.

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Which are the best 2.1 speakers in India for TV, Music or PC?

ImageProduct Price
Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210Check Offer Price
Philips MMS8085BCheck Offer Price
F&D T200X 70W 2.1Check Offer Price
Sony SA-D20 C E12 Check Offer Price
Logitech Z623 THXCheck Offer Price
Philips Audio MMS2220BCheck Offer Price
F&D F550XCheck Offer Price
Creative SBS E2500Check Offer Price
iBall Tarang Classic 2.1Check Offer Price

1. Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210

Infinity is owned by JBL, which aims to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. JBL being a pioneer in Audio equipment manufacturing, provides an edge to the user in terms of quality. Hardrock 210 is one of the best 2.1 speakers in India.  

Total Output100W
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
Weight‎705 g
Infinity Hardrock Best 2.1 Speakers

Design (8/10)

These speakers are compact, which makes them easy to place under your television. The lightweight design makes it possible for you to carry it around easily as it weighs only 1 Kg. 

The speaker has a reasonably sized subwoofer accompanied by 2 satellite speakers. The overall build quality of the speakers is premium and sturdy. The super big wooden cabinet for the Subwoofer has a nice touch to it.  

The satellite speaker does not have much uniqueness in terms of design, while the grills added on the Subwoofer make it much more appealing. 

However, on the downside, this speaker lacks a display panel on which inputs are displayed, and there are no physical buttons present. But you can take control of the speaker using the IR remote control, which makes the task much more convenient. 

Sound (9/10)

The speaker offers an output of 100W that makes the sound pop; no matter what type of music you listen to, jazz, dance music, your favorite video game, or just a movie, it will deliver top-quality sound. 

Though the satellite speakers cannot deliver surround sound quality, the Subwoofer with a wooden cabinet gives powerful bass. After listening to the audio quality of this device, even Audiophiles can’t complain about the performance. The device can reasonably compete with other expensive counterparts. 

With the help of a preset equalizer, you can tune the Audio settings to get the best result possible based on the type of music you listen to. There are 3 Equaliser Modes available, including Movies, Music & Gaming.

Connectivity & Features 

Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210 offers excellent connectivity options as you can connect devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or else with the help of an AUX cable.

Moreover, you can also connect storage devices like Pendrive, Hard disks, and USB reader to play your music. 

2. Philips MMS8085B

Philips is a well-reputed brand in India because of the quality of products they offer. Philips MMS8085B stands out to be one of the best 2.1 speakers available in the market. 

Total Output80W
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Weight‎9 Kgs
Philips Best 2.1 Speakers

Design (9/10)

The device looks exceptionally stylish and modern with the premium build quality. It has a sleek design but is tall. 

Both the satellite speakers and Subwoofer have a nice & smooth finish that makes it aesthetically more appealing. 

This speaker lacks an LED panel but comes with a high-quality LED indicator that lets you keep an eye on the source and music output. 

Both the satellite speakers are designed in a way that they can be connected magnetically to be used as a Soundbar. It comes with convenient volume and power control placed on top.  

Moreover, the speaker also includes a remote control to make adjustments in the settings easily. 

But as the device uses premium and solid materials, it weighs around 9Kgs. 

Sound (8/10)

With a total sound output of 80W, the device delivers excellent audio quality, perfectly balanced in every way no matter what type of music you listen to. 

The crystal clear Vocals, when combined with perfect levels of treble and bass, sound just perfect. Even at higher volume levels, the device can deliver crisp audio with no scope of distortions. 

The Subwoofer with 6.5” drivers is also best suited for bass lovers as it delivers thumping bass that makes it compete against most of the premium speakers. Philips MMS8085B provides one of the best quality Audio performances. 

Connectivity and features 

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music wirelessly through any Bluetooth-enabled device. Moreover, you can connect the device with AUX or Optical input if your television does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

You can plug and play music as the device has slots for both USB and SD cards available. The in-built FM receiver lets you tune into the Radio station of your liking. 

  • Sound Quality
  • Great Aesthetics
  • Excellent Design and Build Quality
  • Convertible Design
  • Powerful Bass
  • Only 2 drivers available
  • No control for Treble

3. F&D T200X 70W 2.1

F&D speakers offer high-quality Audio performance at affordable prices. Most of the products launched by F&D are targeted towards budget-friendly consumers. This speaker exceeds the performance and quality in various aspects of its competitors.

Total Output70W
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
Weight‎3.4 Kgs
F&D Speakers 2.1


Design (9/10)

One of the most intriguing parts of this device is the design, and it has a dual grill design on the Subwoofer that is backed by colorful LED lights, which makes it look appealing. In between the grills, the display panel and the control buttons work ideally to provide proper input. 

The build quality of the device feels solid, sleek, and could last for years to come. This speaker also comes with a remote control using which you can change volume levels, source, and more. 

Another aspect of the design is that both the satellite speakers can be connected horizontally to work as a soundbar. 

However, the device is lightweight and can be easily carried around as it weighs only 3.4 Kgs in total. 

Sound (8/10)

F&D T200X delivers astonishing Audio quality when compared with some of the other competitors. The device has an overall output of 70 Watts in total. 

Both the satellite speakers have a 2’ inch Full range driver with an output of 17.5W each, while the Subwoofer has an 8” inch driver with 25W. 

There are dedicated bass and Treble knobs present on the back of the Subwoofer for adjustments. Bass levels are not the best, but it gets the job done for an average user. 

You can use these 2.1 speakers for different purposes like watching movies, listening to music, or playing games. 

Connectivity and Features 

This speaker allows Wireless connectivity with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 along with traditional RCA cable support. Similarly, other connectivity options like; AUX-in, SD Card reader and USB, are also available.  

F&D T200X also supports FM on phase-locked loop technology, and you can store up to 100 radio channels. 

  • Great Bass
  • Crystal Clear Audio
  • LED lights
  • Build Quality
  • Short Bluetooth Range
  • Heavy in Weight

4. Sony SA-D20 C E12 

Sony is a pioneer in the Audio equipment industry and offers high-quality products that stand out against most competitors. This speaker has received great feedback from users online and is among the best sellers on various eCommerce platforms. 

Total Output60W
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
Sony 2.1 speaker

Design (9/10)

The speaker from Sony is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and elegant 2.1 speakers available in the market. The slight greenish color tone adds more contrast to the appearance. 

Both the satellite speaker and Subwoofer feel solid and sturdy, ensuring long-term usability in terms of the build quality. 

This speaker is compact, but the premium material used for the build makes it a bit heavy as it weighs around 7 Kgs in total. 

Sony has not provided a Digital LED panel on the speaker and would have affected the user experience. Still, they have compensated with a small LED indicator that lets you know the output source. 

On the front of the Subwoofer, physical buttons are using which you can control the speaker. However, Sony also provides remote control for the same. 

Sound (8/10)

Sony devices do not compromise on the quality of the Audio irrespective of the price. Hence the speaker delivers crystal clear audio output. 

In total, the speaker is capable of delivering Best 2.1 Speakers System through the Subwoofer. You can enjoy all types of music, TV shows, movies, games using this speaker. 

The bass levels are deep and punchy, making it perfect for bass lovers. All kinds of bass-heavy songs can be enjoyed on these speakers. 

The thing with this speaker is that you cannot control or adjust the bass and treble levels from the Remote control, and you’ll need to be connected through a smartphone to make adjustments in EQ. 

Connectivity and Features 

The device supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity while other connectivity options like USB, SD card reader remain available. 

So you can connect it with mobile, TV or your PC and bring great sound to all your entertainment. 

  • Stylish Design
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Bass and Sound output
  • No Controls for Bass and treble
  • Heavy

5. Logitech Z623 THX

Logitech is a Swiss manufacturer mainly famous for computer peripherals, but they have some of the best sounding speakers available in the market. 

Total Output400W
Weight‎1 Kg
Logitech Z623 THX

Design (8/10)

Z623 THX from Logitech does not offer much in terms of looks as it has a plain and straightforward design, but the premium build quality speaks for itself. 

The materials used on the satellite speakers are mostly plastic but are durable enough to last for years. All the controls are placed on the satellite speaker to change the volume and bass levels. 

This speaker from Logitech is exceptionally lightweight and can be carried from one place to another quickly as it weighs just 1 KG. But as this speaker was designed primarily for PC users, it lacks a LED Display panel and remote control. 

There are some areas where you might have to compromise, but nothing matches this speaker’s audio quality. 

Sound (9/10)

This speaker from Logitech leaves no stone unturned as it delivers exceptional performance in each and every aspect. Everything sounds perfect because of the THX-certified tag from vocals to mids, highs, lows to bass, and treble. 

These speakers bring music, games, movies to life with the help of the peak 400 W power output. You can immerse yourself into a theatre-like Audio quality. This speaker is one of the best that you could buy at this price point in India. 

The bass levels are just out of the world, and even at 50%, it can shake your room and, at 100%, your whole house. This is an excellent buy for bass lovers. 

Connectivity & Features 

As mentioned earlier, this speaker is mainly designed for PC users; hence it lacks Bluetooth, SD card functionalities. 

This speaker has more than enough multiple inputs that you can use to connect devices using 3.5mm and RCA inputs. Logitech provides a 2 years warranty on this speaker. 

  • Simple Design
  • Lightweight
  • Audio Output
  • Powerful Bass
  • No USB
  • Bluetooth or SD card reader
  • No Display port

6. Philips Audio MMS2220B

Philips has multiple 2.1 speakers available in the market, and MMS220B is among the premium speakers offered by Audiophiles. 

Total Output120W
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
Weight‎11.5 Kgs
Philips 2.1 speakers

Design (9/10)

This speaker has a modern and minimalistic design which makes it quite attractive. With a combination of black and silver premium material used all over the body, it perfectly blends with your home’s interior. The speaker has a premium glass top design as well. 

These look amazing, but even the quality of these speakers is comparable with some of the high-end speakers. 

The design of the satellite speakers allows them to connect and be used as a soundbar, making it easier to perfectly place it as your home entertainment system based on the availability of space. 

All the buttons present on the top of the Subwoofer offer a tactile and responsive click. You can play/pause, change volume levels & audio sources, or quickly turn them on/off. The black display panel with contrasting white LED provides proper input and information. 

However, this is a prominent bulky speaker which weighs 11.5Kgs in total. Hence, portability is a little restricted, and you should assign a proper position for the speaker.  

The plastic remote provided along with these speakers could’ve been better in terms of quality. 

Sound (8/10)

Philips products do not compromise in terms of sound quality, especially the premium ones. This 2.1 speaker is no different, and it can be termed one of the best sounding 2.1 speakers available at this price point. 

It is equipped to deliver an output of 120W of high-quality, powerful audio. Even at lower or higher volume levels, the quality is not compromised at all. 

You can experience immersive sound while watching movies or listening to music. The speaker delivers deep and punchy bass that will satisfy any hardcore bass lover. 

But the speaker lacks a treble control, and the only bass can be controlled using the remote. For further enhancement, you can use your smartphone and adjust the equalizer. 

Connectivity and Features 

This 2.1 speaker from Philips has multiple connectivity options as you can connect Bluetooth and AUX devices or Optical input at once. 

A built-in FM is also available that allows you to switch to your favorite radio station in no time. Additionally, you can also plug and play music through a USB device. 

  • Powerful Bass
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Remote Quality
  • Treble cannot be adjusted

7. F&D F550X

Another great 2.1 speaker that you should consider buying is the F&D F550X that offers excellent performance at an affordable price. This speaker has been in the market for a while now and has received great feedback from the users. 

Total Output56W
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
Weight4.6 Kgs
F&D F550X

Design (8/10)

This speaker has a square-shaped design with a matte finish that makes it clean and exquisite in terms of style. The exterior of these speakers is quite solid and consists of a rust-proof metal grill that protects them from rust or corrosion. 

With the help of a pure wood bass cabinet, the Subwoofer delivers natural sound quality. The overall build quality of the product is quite durable and could last for years to come. 

Behind the grill, you have a Multi-Color Decorative LED that can make the mood for any soundtrack, and it changes as per the audio source. Moreover, there is a LED panel with high contrast present on the speaker that allows you to read inputs. 

For controlling the device, a right panel is inducted on the Subwoofer side through which you can change Volume, Source, Next/Prev, Play/Pause, etc. 

F&D has also included an IR remote controller, which allows you to take control wirelessly. 

Sound (8/10)

You can enjoy listening to your favorite track with ultimate voice clarity so that you don’t miss out on any beat or tune. With the help of a 6.5” inch Subwoofer that can deliver 28W output, prepare yourself to witness an immersive sound experience. 

Both the satellite speakers have a capacity of 14W output each, and they deliver balanced audio with perfect mids and highs. 

Since the bass is quite overpowering, the lows may feel a bit suppressed, but in the end, it delivers ground-shaking bass levels. 

This is one of the best sounding 2.1 speakers that are budget-friendly and can compete with some of the products offered by big brands. 

Connectivity and Features 

One of the best things about this speaker is that it supports “NFC” allowing you to pair the speaker with a single Tap. Not many speakers in this segment offers this feature. 

Other than that, you can also use Bluetooth, USB, or SD cards to play your music wirelessly. If you would like, you can also tune into your favorite radio channels. 

  • Sound quality
  • Powerful Bass
  • Quality remote control
  • LED Display
  • Remote quality
  • Can’t control bass from remote
  • No preset Equaliser

8. Creative SBS E2500

Creative is a Singapore-based company that offers high-quality products and specializes in manufacturing multimedia devices. 

Total Output60W
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Weight‎2.1 Kgs
Creative SBS E2500

Design (9/10)

This speaker has a nice look and design that feels premium and attractive. The matte black and shiny combination of material used around the body and the patterns adds uniqueness to the plan. 

Both subwoofer and satellite speaker follow somewhat the same design language, which makes it more unified. The display panel with contrasting LED offers proper input about the source, volume levels, and more. 

All the control buttons are placed on the front for easy accessibility. The buttons are highly responsive and tactile. 

Creative E2500 is relatively lightweight as it weighs only 2 Kgs, making it easy to carry around and portable. 

With the included remote control, you can switch between multiple preset EQ and other Audio settings. 

Sound (8/10)

The overall sound quality delivered from this device is exceptional, and you can enjoy all types of music on these speakers with rich details. You can listen to every beat and instrument being played. 

Along with a total output of 60W Peak power, these speakers are also fitted with custom-tuned, far-field drivers for an impressive audio experience.

The device uses a Down-firing MDF subwoofer with immersive bass responses for better bass output – perfect for movies and live performances. 

There are various preset Equaliser settings available that you can change based on the type of music you listen to. 

After listening to the audio quality, this device reproduces, you will be convinced that it is one of the best 2.1 speakers available in the market. 

Connectivity and Features 

You can listen to FM channels or plug in a USB device to start listening to your favorite tracks. There’s a 3.5mm AUX-in jack available for wired connectivity, while wireless connectivity can be accessed with Bluetooth. 

  • Compact in Size
  • Remote quality
  • Deep bass levels
  • Balanced Treble
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Satellite speaker build quality

9. iBall Tarang Classic 2.1

iBall is an Indian manufacturing company that produces electronic devices. The company offers excellent value and service in the country. Tarang Classic is one of the best 2.1 speakers that you could buy online. 

Total Output40W
BluetoothBluetooth 4.1
Weight‎705 g
iBall tarang classic

Design (9/10)

As the speaker’s name suggests, it has classic design language, and both Subwoofer and speaker have premium wood casing with actual fabric cover instead of a grill. Tarang Classic 2.1 is portable and lightweight as it weighs only 3.5Kgs. 

The overall build quality of the speaker is solid, and it could last for years without any issues. On the top of the Subwoofer, a LED display panel is integrated that reflects contrasting colors to provide proper input. 

There are some control buttons present on the speaker as well that allow you to perform specific actions. However, with the help of the remote control, you can do the same from the comfort of your couch. 

Sound (8/10)

This speaker from iBall delivers high-quality Audio output as the wood casing enhances the tonal quality bringing a more decadent, more authentic feel to the music. 

In total, this speaker has an output of 40W, out of which the Subwoofer delivers 20W while the satellite speakers are 10W each. 

The dynamic Subwoofer is capable enough to deliver thumping bass that will astound you. You can adjust the Audio settings as per the type of content that you are listening to. 

Even the trebles, mid-range are tremendous and well balanced; you won’t notice any distortions at higher volumes. 

This speaker is perfect for people looking to buy an affordable product with great value to money. 

Connectivity and Features 

There are multiple connectivity modes, including Bluetooth 5.0, USB, SD, and AUX. You can also tune into your favorite FM channels. However, the speaker lacks an Optical input. 

  • Remote control
  • Amazing Sound Clarity
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wooden Casing
  • Optical Input
  • Audio setting resets after on/off

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are 2.1 Speakers good?

Yes, 2.1 with a powerful set of Satellite speakers and Subwoofer can provide high-quality Audio performance with punchy bass. These speakers are a good upgrade from your standard TV speakers but for surround sound experience you will be better off with 5.1 speakers. It completely depends on the type of experience you are looking for from a speaker. 

2. What is the difference between 2.1 and 5.1 channels?

A 2.1 speaker consists of two satellite speakers i.e Right and Left channels along with a subwoofer while a 5.1 speaker includes 5 channel satellite speakers that provide a more immersive and surround sound experience when placed on different corners of your room. 

3. Which is the best 2.1 speaker for home in India?

Philips Audio MMS2220B is the best 2.1 speaker in India that you could buy for your Home. 

4. Which is the best 2.1 speaker for PC? 

Without a doubt, Logitech Z623 THX is the best speaker for PC or laptop users. 

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